Unnatural Links Check?

Is any easy way to find the unnatural links from my site ?

The following type may also be an indication of unnatural links:

  • Links with no logical connection
  • Generic site links
  • Links coming from a very small number of sites
    -Large numbers of links from blog networks

Remove following link types from your website if these were present on it,because they come in category of unnatural links according to google’s guidelines:
Public & Private Backlinks
Paid Links
Over Optimized Anchor Text
Generic Sites Links
Social Media Links &
Unlogical Links

“Social Media Links” are Unnatural???

[font=verdana]That doesn’t look like it makes a lot of sense to me … can you expand on some of those points?

Public and private backlinks – I have no idea what you mean by this. Surely all backlinks that Google can see are ‘public’, and any that are ‘private’ it won’t no about?

Paid links – there is nothing wrong with having paid links, and there never has been, as long as they are marked with rel="nofollow"

Over-optimised anchor text – I’ll agree with you on this one. If all your inbound links look really spammy and as though they’ve been written to appeal to search engiens then they probably won’t!

Generic site links – while it’s better to get ‘deep links’ into actual content pages rather than just dumping everyone at the home page and leaving it up to them to find their way around, that is more likely to hurt your bounce rate than anything else.

Social media links – what’s wrong with these? Google wants to know which sites are popular, and social media links - as long as the patterns don’t suggest spam tactics - are a valuable tool to determine this.

Unlogical links – again, I have no idea what you mean by this…[/font]

Seems there are two problems with this whole thread -

  1. A good definition of what an unnatural link is (still don’t get it)
  2. No one has bothered to answer the OP question…

[FONT=verdana]Regarding the original question:

Is any easy way to find the unnatural links from my site ?

The problem is not unnatural links from a site. If you are linking out from your site, then you have complete control over the links, and you can decide which ones are “natural” and which aren’t.

What you need to be concerned with is unnatural links to your site. Those are the ones you need to track down and possibly do something about.

But, as Dave points out, we still don’t know exactly what you mean by an “unnatural” link. A clarification would be useful.


What’s the need for natural link? I don’t see any reason.

OK, now my curiousity was peaked and I had to do some research.

  1. It’s a term related to the Penguin Update: Google Search Link
  2. Some steps you can take to mitigate the problems: Link

Hopefully this answers your questions, and we don’t end up with any more fluffy answers.

Actually, I even wasn´t sure if you were referring to inbound or outbound website links.

If I had to find out the unnatural backlinks of a site, I would make the following things:

  1. Backlink Check (SEOmoz, sitefactor, or any free seo tool you want to use for - maybe some of them won´t find you a lot of links)
  2. Check your anchor texts: What are your top anchor texts? What is the percentage of money keywords as anchor texts?
  3. Check your IP popularity and the sites that are linking to you? too many off-topic sites? many sitewide and footer links
  4. Check your dofollow/nofollow ratio. Too many dofollow links? Google might consider these links as “paid”.

I´m not sure, whether this is “easy” for you or not…

Thank you for the help i’m allready done to my outbouond links , and i have left only the quality ones . I think now the only that is helpfull and count is a few quality dofollow & nofollow links .

It’s been a while since I’ve posted something here, and my expectation upon my return was right; one of the first things that I’ll see in the Internet marketing sub-forum is something that’s related to the effects of Google’s Penguin update. Anyway, it seems that it has been resolved, but let me add something here since there’s still that talk about natural and unnatural.

What’s the need for natural links? asked lira01

  • A natural link could be defined as one that wouldn’t look like it’s forcing a site to be noticed by the crawlers. It’s a link that isn’t awkwardly placed within a page, i.e. it fits in the content of the page. What’s the need, you ask? A natural link is a link, and we need links to get traffic and perhaps a chance to be noticed more by the search engines, effectively giving us a chance of appearing on the top pages of the search results depending on the keywords that we’re using.

To the OP: If it’s on your site, as Mikl said, you have complete control over those. If you’re talking about the links pointing to your site from some other sites out there, you can use Open Site Explorer, or ahrefs.

You can find unnatural links using Google Webmaster Tools.

Sign in your “Google Webmaster Tools” - click “Links to your site” .

Record the data everyday, then you can find the change.

But I can not find the tool in my webmaster panel.

I find the link https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/disavow-links-main