? about trackbacks and inbound links

I have a wordpress blog, and am trying to better understand how important it is to allow trackbacks on my site. If other sites want to link to my site, is the trackbacks the most common way they do it? Or is it more the norm that people just link back to my site without using trackbacks?

Either way they are just adding a normal link to your site.

A trackback is a result of their CMS software sending a notification to your CMS software that a normal link was created.

The trackback itself isn’t the link. The link exists whether you do something with that notification (i.e. display trackbacks somewhere on your own site) or not. The idea behind trackbacks was to connect discussions among bloggers. By automatically adding a link to the blog comments whenever one of your posts receives a trackback, you let people reading your post find the conversation about that post on someone else’s blog that linked to it.

Ok great, thanks very much. I assume then that if I turn trackbacks off in my cms control panel that won’t affect the existence of the link. It just won’t show up on my site.

Thanks once again. Great that’s what I was hoping was the case. I find the trackbacks on my site are confusing to most of my users so I"m going to just go ahead and take them off.

I’ve always thought that trackbacks helped your SEO efforts.

In what way?