Pingbacks and Trackbacks

Hello…can someone please explain what pingbacks and track backs are? And what I should do with them on my blog? I am not sure but, it seems like the pingback is happening when I put a link to another post on my blog within my content…I do a lot of reporting on information in my area so often refer back to previous posts and/or reports…is that causing it?

Are they a good thing or not? What do I with them?


Pingbacks were developed to solve some problems that were found with trackbacks. Trackbacks were developed to provide notification between websites

Thesis thems has builit in option for Tracks Backs and Pings.
Trakbacks notify that which blog has link to which of your blog post

To be honest, thinking about trackbacks and pingbacks still makes my head spin, but the folks at wordpress have a rather good explanation of both at


I always thought that pingbacks was suppose to play the role in notifications. Thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve got a good idea of pingbacks, not so sure about trackbacks. Who around here uses them frequently ?

pingback and trackback is system to conntected your site with search engine and easily recognizable by Serach Engine if has update your site

Essentially, a pingback is an XML-RPC request sent from Site A to Site B. When Site B receives the notification signal, it automatically returns to Site A checking the live back link. If that link exists, the pingback is recorded successfully. Thus pingbacks are less prone to spam than trackbacks.