About ranking of the website

hi, i am doing an seo for poker website the problem which i am facing till now is that, when i searched in serp for my selected keyword sometimes it shows the different page of my website for that keyword even i had not choose the keyword for that page.

I’m not sure why that’s a problem. If your site is appearing in search results for your keyword, does it matter which page ranks highest? Are you losing visitors because they are arriving on a page which doesn’t meet their requirements and can’t find the content they want?

you may already know but you need to be careful if using google that it’s not just returning pages based partly on your previous searches.

I think from memory if you add pws=0 on the url it will remove the ‘personal web search’ results. You can also log into a google account and turn it off.

I would like to tell you should focusing on promoting your main page more, so it would come up in SERP. The basic problem should be that you have not optimized the targeted page perfectly yet, so the page you are not targeting is coming on top rather than the targeted one. Thanks.