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Using notepad++ is better than using any other soft??

I’d say so, or Sublime Text if you’re on a Mac.

Notepad++ was good for some time, but it has not stayed on the cutting edge.

Try Atom.io or SublimeText instead.

I’d say it depends largely on your personal preferences. If you like notepad++, stick with it. If you’re not entirely comfortable with it, then try out a couple of others, and see if you find one which suits you better. There are plenty of free editors about - or paid software with a free trial version which you can test before you buy.

I used notepad++ for a few months, and found it annoying that I had to switch to the file explorer to open up different Sass modules. I tried out sublime, which lets you load projects easily into Sublime (drag/drop folders into sublime) and viola! Themes as well, customizable coding options…Sublime Text 3 edges out over Notepad++ for me.

As @TechnoBear stated, it really does depend on personal preference and what operating system you are running. I am a bit old school, like to keep things simple, and absolutely hate tabs in my text editor, so I pretty much have used Notepad2 for almost everything, for about the last 12 years. It has all the important stuff I need, without a ton of crap that I don’t.

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