A theme is affecting the loading speed of a WordPress website?

Hello friends,
I have a big problem. I read tons of articles about how to improve the loading speed of a WordPress website. I found out interesting tips and some of them really helped me. Still, only two or three out of twenty blog posts mentioned “a good, loading speed optimized theme” as a factor that contribute to have a good loading speed.
Wrapping up, is a theme an important factor in improving the loading speed of a website???
Thanks in advance for your contributions!

It’s definitely one of the factors affecting the load speed, as all of the content (images, text, video, audio), HTML, CSS, JavaScript (if used) add to the overall weight of the page displayed. All those are affected by how the theme has been designed and what has been included.

yeah…I am totally on your side…but it’s still a mystery why some many blog posts don’t include this factor.:no_mouth:

Yes and no.

If you run a quick Google Page Speed Test on any amateur or freshly installed theme with plugins, you’ll find:

  • CSS Should be minified
  • Javascript should be minified
  • Images should be compressed
  • Any links to scripts or after-page-loading stuff, should be placed in the footer

These things above should dramatically reduce load times. But also keep in mind where your website is hosted + domain hosting contributes to how fast your website loads to you and a visitor.

Some themes don’t come with minified versions of their CSS, JS and even incorrect placement of links to scripts.

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