For fast site loading what should we aim at?

My site uses 110 k in images, a jquery rotator and some text. Yet it takes more than 6 seconds to load.

Earlier it made 30 http requests, and I got it to reduce to 22. My css & js are minified & combined. With this decrease in requests, the page size bloated from 130k to 270 k. The minified .js file stands at top, blocking everything. If I try to bring it to footer, the rotator stops.

Surprisingly, now 2 fonts loaded from Google are loaded as “CSS Image” and adding 120k to overall page size.

My question is, to reduce page load times, what should we aim at? reducing http requests/objects or leave aside the so-called minification & combination?

(I do use a caching plugin, 4 CDNs too, but no effect on speed). Hostgator told that mod_expires is allowed for us shared-server users, there are entries for this in .htaccess file, yet while testing, each site says the opposite: NO expires for image files. This means every visitor waits for the images to load for him.

If I try to load minified .js before </body> or in footer, my rotator stops. Can someone offer any help?

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The hosting package will affect your loading speed also. Perhaps, you can check the server resources that the site have been taken, such as the CPU and the RAM usage. Check also the bandwidth the site have utilised. By checking these, you would be able to analyse better.

If you want to make your site load faster then you should work on your theme…

Make more use of iFrame than JavaScripts…

minimize the use of features…
install light and fast loading themes…

Rotator may make your site more be interesting but it will impact a slow loading for your site. Like superstararjun said, you must try a new theme with a simple design.

My site loads a little slow but it looks descent. What is the trade-off and how much will it effect rank.

Try using WP-Supercache or any other caching plugin to help improve your loading time :slight_smile:

Just trying to get link juice from your post?

If you use a rotator, it likely means you have images that aren’t initially displayed. You could rework the rotator to preload the images AFTER the page has loaded but BEFORE the rotator starts… this will make the initial page load faster.

Also, you should rework your Javascript to allow it to go in the footer.

Additionally, how did minifying and combining your CSS and Javascript make the page get BIGGER? It should have greatly reduced the size of those files…

22 requests is still quite a few. Most high performance sites have no more than 6. You can create sprite sheets to reduce the number.

Also the number of visitors you are receiving impacts the speed. This effect may be increased or decreased depending on the host and your specific account.

What kind of traffic are you receiving?

Also are you sure its not your own internet speed or your browser? Have you tried loading it on other computers and other browsers?

6 for all assets (img, js and css), really… where did you come up with that number. Are you crawling the web and profiling it yourself?

By load do you mean the time it takes to get from the server to client or fully load after being received by the client. There is a big difference. On one case there are several options in the other you can chalk it up to wordpress being bloated, nightmare and perhaps hosting. Its important to know which one is the primary bottleneck.

Well, high performance sites as in Google and other portals… I know those aren’t full fledged site, but it’s a decent number to shoot for. =p

I’ll put it this way: excluding images, you want to shoot for around 6 and reduce your images as small as possible.

In this particular case though, I think if you can get Javascript in the footer, that’ll be the biggest performance boost (that is relatively easy to control… hosting, etc., you don’t always have a choice).