A bit confused with the upper Info bar

When I click on New (3) it shows be the following.

But the 3 items are not shown.

That tells me that my Muted Preferences are causing this.

SO…is it possible to reduce that number to zero or something else so i don’t waste my time clicking on that Link?

It just mis-leads me a bit thinking that there are Categories I care about have something to be Read when it fact there is nothing there.

Just a suggestion.



It is a known bug. :frowning:

Performing a hard refresh (CTRL + F5) usually updates the number accordingly.


Thank you @cpradio

That is an excellent tip. You might want to add that to your mini-series.


I’m hoping it eventually gets fixed… and isn’t needed in the mini-series

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completely off-topic: Funny how we ignore the emoji and favour our old, good emoticons from vBulletin :stuck_out_tongue:

Find me one that indicates an eye roll in the new emoji set and I’ll use it :wink:

As you know, I don’t like the emoji set anyway (although the current ones are less sinister - just pretty odd), but IMHO, there is just no replacement for and - and both are indispensable.


I don’t have a dog in that fight or rather contest. I barely remember to type a colon and a ) most of the time. lol

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