We've Upgraded our Forum!

My post disappeared and also some of the functionality of the forum…

OK!! It appeared again. Please, dispregard

We did an upgrade. With the upgrade there are a lot of new differences, Notifications have been merged with your User Menu (top right corner). Akismet has been installed and will be “learning” things over the next few weeks, as we tell it what is acceptable and what isn’t, so you may get a PM stating Akismet took your post/topic immediately after posting. And there is now full page search, by using the search button above and clicking show more.

Heh, yes, as @cpradio said, Akismet was just playing with you—like a new infant checking things out. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Okay… but I swear… If I hear “I’m sorry, Dave. You realize I cannot allow that.” I’m DONE.



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Aww, but that’d be a very cool feature!!

Updates are always cool.
Anyways, congrats to OP for getting the post back.

(Shudder, cringe!)

Oh, so that’s it! Today I visited these forums on my phone and I thought something was broken - as if some elements are no longer there in the threads and they look more bland and “naked”, less colourful, as if unstyled. On the desktop also something seems to be missing, I don’t know exactly what because I don’t have the previous look to compare.

All features are still there, but mobile is definitely rearranged so it looks less cluttered.

As for the desktop, the reading width changed, so that really throws you off at first :smile:

I see. Bu to me the ‘less cluttered’ idea is reaching too extreme levels…

Sorry to be critical but I wish I saw some practical improvements like being able to quote posts with code sections properly and quote posts that contain other quotes - I don’t know if I missed something but this is what is causing me most pain at the moment!

Actually, after a year (if I remember well, or was it 2 years?) of Discourse I really miss the old vBulletin. The community is great here but I still haven’t got used to Discourse and it’s still technology I have to tolerate rather than like.

Yeah, I wish there was movement in that area too. I do know they plan to use a new markdown processor in the next version, so things may improve with that alone.

from what i can tell the new markdown thing is already in. Redcarpet is no longer a dep in our current version, the commit message said something about “the new way being more flexible” as it stands now though it should be pretty much the same as it was.

I thought they weren’t switching to common mark until they rewrite the composer as a custom ember component

Yeah, i have no idea, all i know is we had to update a bunch of plugins because we no longer had redcarpet to work with.

Okay. How do I set it so that “Categories” is my default view? I prefer it that way. I do not like having “Latest” as my default view.




Unfortunately, not possible* (by you) unless we change it back :slight_smile: . This is only a few weeks test to see if activity level increases or decreases.

[*] Unless you do some custom script embedded on sitepoints page or set “categories” as your homepage if you have it bookmarked.

Setting “categories” as a homepage or bookmark only works for homepage or bookmark, not the “sitepoint forums” logo in the upper-left.

I might be absent (or really, severely cut down on access) for a few weeks. I do not like this.



Press g c and it will take you to the categories page.

Thanks, @cpradio; but that’s not the way it has been since I started here.

If it eventually goes back to the way it was, great. If not, I will attempt to get used to it, but I do not like it, at all. If I don’t get used to it, I will seek another forum. Yes, I am that OCD / anal-retentive / pedantic about things.



Of course, that’s why I mentioned setting a custom script you inject into the page which would override that (I assume that is possible).