$60,151.68 in past 12 months with Amazon Associates: Here is what I Know

Hello All,

I am new to this forum in the sense that I’ve finally started getting active, but I am posting this thread because it looks like there aren’t too many people discussing Amazon’s Associates program here. I just ran a report the other day to see my updated numbers and I have earned over $60k from Amazon Associates in the past 12 months. With that info in tow I thought I’d write a mini guide here for those that are struggling to earn money with Amazon’s Associates program.

My earnings come from a variation of different blogs, websites, forums etc. etc. that I have hosted over a couple dedicated servers, some shared hosting accounts and a class C IP hosting account (trying out interlinking stuff for SEO these days). During my course of using Amazon Associates I’ve used various tracking codes to help measure what were the most effective strategies to earn money and what worked the worst.

Best Tactics to Make Money (Income percentages from 2009 numbers)

1. Use in content linking as users are more likely to click links from within your blog posts or web pages (just simple HTML) than banner ads etc. - 45% of my earnings
2. Write bestseller list posts (i.e. Bestselling LaserJet Printers) - 15% of my earnings
3. Make any/all images clickable affiliate links to the Amazon product. I’m surprised how many people will get point #1 right but not make the image a clickable affiliate link. - 13.8% of earnings
4. Use buy now buttons in the content - 5% of my earnings
5. Focus heavily on shopping periods. HEAVILY. (I earned close to 9k in November and 13k in December 09). People want to be told about the best deals and if you take the time to write a great list pertaining to your niche people are grateful not annoyed by your consistent deal content during these times of the year. I also send out numerous emails via my newsletters on all the various websites during Black Friday / Cyber Monday - again people like getting this information so hit your lists hard.

Worst Tactics to Make Money

1. Don’t bother using Amazon’s banner ads. They convert poorly. People rarely click them in almost every niche I’ve tried and you could use that space to sell direct ad space or gasp simply display nothing.
2. Don’t bother with Amazon stores - they convert terribly. If you can even get a visitor to click a store link congrats. If you get them to actually buy something congrats again you got lucky.
3. Don’t promote products that aren’t related to your niche (should be obvious, but again I still see this when I’m roaming the web).
4. Don’t use Amazon Associates if it doesn’t fit with the type of visitor coming to your website (i.e. are they just looking for general information? If so Adsense will probably work better. Or are they looking to buy something? Amazon will work better)

These are tips I confirmed based on data gathered over the course of the year with the help of tons of tracking codes and I genuinely believe it should help you refocus your efforts into the areas that matter or to abandon Amazon Associates if it doesn’t fit your visitor profile.

Important: Remember the tracking cookie lasts only 24 hours. Target potential buyers not lookers.

Feel free to post your questions or comments. No I won’t post sample URL’s of the websites I run for obvious reasons (many earning sites are low competition and I prefer to keep it that way) so please don’t PM asking for them either. Just do keyword research, build a good website, link build and rinse repeat.

Income Picture: (to show proof)

Feel free to post any questions you may have.
(also, this is a repost of my first thread that was removed - I had to remove the link to my blog which is fine by me :slight_smile: ) Hope this helps!



Thanks for the great post - and no, I don’t think it’s advertising. Sometimes you do have to toot your own horn a bit, even if it is only for the benefit of others :).

A few questions:

  • Are you also selling with any other affiliate programs? If so, which ones?
  • Did you try any other affiliate networks before Amazon? How do they compare?
  • Are you running any combination of other ads or networks, or do they take away from your affiliate sales?

Hi Chris,
This is very interesting to me since I’ve had great success with EPN but haven’t focused much attention towards Amazon until recently.

Here are a few inquiries:

In your experience, do you get better results from blogs or traditional sites?

Do you use plugins or custom code to save time and better allow you to manage amazon links?

Do you prefer to push products with a hard sell by talking about each directly or do you use more indirect methods like offering a tutorial then suggesting related products under the post?

You can apply the things I shared here to other affiliate programs i.e. Click Junction etc.

Best of luck though :smiley:

I’s always dreaming of creating my own affiliate empire but Amazon is offering too low commission… Your number of sales is overwhelming, you must have a blog with hundreds of thousands of visitors per month…

BTW, I am doing great with CB and CPA products and I’m sticking to it… same approach in promotion though…

I have less than half a million page views per month so it’s really not HUGE traffic that I’m getting.

I asked the SitePoint guy what I could post since when I first shared my tips it was removed. If you actually visited my blog you’d see I have no banner ads and rarely promote products and when I do it’s only stuff I actually use.

My attempt is to stand out as a voice of reason against all the other blogs in the niche I write in where people launch information products that “sell out” and everything is a “must buy”

It has been working though as I’m on my way past 1,500 daily readers in less than 5 months so I must be doing something right. But my guess is that you criticized me before you actually went to my blog to see if I was just like some other random make money online douche or something more.

Thank you

If it’s that much of a concern than ask a forum mod to delete the thread or ban me. If I provide value and have a link to my blog in a signature is that a bad thing?

If it’s the fact that I said “I had to remove the link to my blog in the thread” that bothers you then just ask them to remove that. The people that see the value in the information I’ve provided above will end up clicking the link in my signature anyway. The people that are jaded will just keep making negative comments such as yourself and those aren’t the people I want reading my blog anyway because they’ll just complain their too.

I didn’t say ban him, I am simply saying it’s a thinly veiled advertorial in the circumstances and backing a fellow forum-goer who I think had a point. To ban him would create justification to ban everyone, I’m just calling a shoe a shoe.

Just because it’s better thought out than the rest of the fluff and spam here, doesn’t mean it’s not necessarily spam.

It’s a useful post that contains information and the such that would be useful to users regardless of whether they choose to visit his site or not.

Why don’t we just ban everyone who posts useful information that also has the nerve to have a link to their site in their sig? That’s the whole point of a sig on SP, there is no search engine benefit to be had.

The original post is more informative than 99% of the posts in this section and others should be encouraged to write posts as useful as this one, including the people who are complaining in this thread.

Yeah, this is pretty funny. A not so obvious spam post, but a spam post nonethesame. SP may as well hang out a banner.

Semi useful post, but the “I had to remove the link to my blog, which is fine by me”…but you can conveniently click on a link in my signature 1 inch away - gives the game away. And you know, he’s got form…

Amazing stats, I have just earned 2$ from amazon and trying to monetize it sooner. You encouraged me to work harder

Best selling products list seems like a great idea for a product related website using Amazon affiliate links.

My main blog isn’t really product oriented but you’ve at least inspired me to replace the Amazon banner from the top fold. Thanks for this post.

great post chris! too bad amazon associates keeps rejecting me :frowning:

Great post Chris, but it’s all out of context. If you gave us your average traffic numbers, we could see what kind of conversion rates you’re getting. You must have huge traffic. Please let us know.

What do you mean by traditional sites? In either case I do both but I like Wordpress just as a CMS. So yah it will technically be a blog but not really look like one.

I use PHPzon and Reviewazon but never use full description type options (duplicate content worries)

I link as many times as possible discretely as possible.

I think he has shared some valuable points with us. If he is a genuine marketer and is enjoying this success, then he deserves some respect.


Thanks for the detailed info Chris it was very informative.

What is your website, you can PM me the details if you wish.

My blog is where I talk about stuff like I posted above.

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Just to make everyone aware - I cleared this thread because Chris made the effort to ensure his post didn’t contain any spam. If you’ve got specific questions on how he did it - ask here. That’s why the thread is here.

Thanks for the comments :slight_smile:

Why hasn’t a mod deleted this useless thread, that only advertises his blog?

Because it’s not advertising his blog - there are no links, and he’s encouraging questions.

chuckles Uh, ok, if you say so.