6 Strategies for Freelancers to Take on Creative Agencies

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You know that sinking feeling, when that dream client – the one you busted your a** to create that bullet proof (or so you thought) proposal for informs you that they’re awarding the project to another party. Someone more established. Someone with more resources. Someone who can deliver the whole deal. And your heart sinks as you realize you’ve lost yet another client to bigger, better(?) agency.

But it doesn’t always have to be that way.

Remember David vs Goliath?

So what if you’re just a freelancer? So what if you’re a lone ranger? That doesn’t mean you’re destined to forever be stuck with cheap clients from hell.

It’s time to get your act together!

Here’s a little Q&A. Have you ever thought about:
* Why do clients really prefer going with an agency?
* Can you provide those same benefits? How?
* What else can you leverage in your favor?

So to get started, let’s first walk through the most common reasons clients tend to prefer agencies, and how you can offer the same benefits.

1. Full Services Offerings


An agency, with its team of specialists, can provide a larger range of services. Instead of just a web design, they can provide a full business analysis, web design and development, ongoing digital market efforts and so on. Clients like this because they don’t need to go to different people for different needs. They can get it all in one place.

Let’s face it: no client wants to have to coordinate between 4 freelancers to get their website and online marketing going!

What can you do?

For clients who want full service, figure out how to give them what they want. Expand your services. No, you don’t need to go learn to code the website or jump into SEO. Remember, we’re playing smart. Make technology your best friend. Learn how to use co-design tools like Webflow or FROONT to create the website, instead of sticking to old Photoshop. This way you can deliver a live, production worthy website, without getting into the hassles of coding.

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Excellent write up, its great to be a freelancer with minimal overheads.
Freelancers just need - system, phone, coffee and internet connection . :smiley: :computer: :iphone: :coffee: :signal_strength:


All I can simply say is thank for the nice article

Thanks for giving some very good advice. I will go freelance next September in another country (and in English what is for me a foreign language) and it scares me a little bit. I am definitely bookmarking this article! :smile:

Glad to be of help Aalabi!

Good luck with your move Annick! Both for shifting to another country, as well as for your freelance journey. Stay tuned as we have more great articles lined up for freelancers.

Awesome article! You hit the nail right on the head!

Great article Richa, I think it’s all too common for freelancers to become discouraged when faced with quotes from agencies as opposition, especially in the early stages when they might not be so confident in their own ability to run a business. I have found that as you said, agencies tend to have less flexibility and that can reduce trust, which a freelancer should work on building from the very first client. But it’s more than doable and before you know it, you too can be an agency!

I like the hybrid freelancer/agency thing too, it’s something that I’ve done in the past, mostly to good effect. Collaborative working is usually great as ideas always come better when you’ve someone to bounce them off.

I would reiterate what you said about passion - it’s amazing how well you can sell yourself when you’re really genuine about your love for your craft :smile:

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Thanks Chris!

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