What web design/development agencies do you recommend? What is your experience with creative agencies?

For the past few years I have been a web developer for a school maintaining the website full time. Pay is not great but the work is not demanding either. I was contacted by Creative Circle and the first position they offered me would pay me more than triple what I make now per hour. However the projects is only a few months long, and they cant promise me any other projects after that.

Do you work for an agency? What is your experience with them?

It seem like they might be the way to go. Jump on a project for a few months, then when its over start another project through the agency… I imagine that is how it works.

Are there any agencies that you recommend?

  • Thanks everyone!

A job in Maryland?

This reason alone is why I turn down any non-continual contracts. Yeah the pay is great and perhaps 3 months there is 9 months of your old salary. But what if you can’t get work before then? I’m no risk taker so I avoid all those situations.

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Its for a project in California, its about a 6 month project, but I would make around 72k in those 6 months. So its plenty to keep me going for the entire year, even if I don’t land a project immediately after this project ends. I do worry though as a temp worker I can pretty much be fired for any reason and all the company has to do is replace me with another body that can code.

Yea taking a risk like this is scary specially with a family to support.

If you can leave your current employer under good graces (don’t burn your bridges) in the event you want to come back it would be a good thing

Or maybe you could take a “temporary leave”?

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