3D DVD Players

The first 3D TVs are due to go on sale in a months time. Does anyone know anything 3D DVD players?

I take it you need a dedicated 3D DVD player to play and watch 3D DVDs.

Im surprised how little talk there has been surrounding 3D DVDs.

You would also need a 3D TV to view them, and special 3D goggles as well.

So you’re looking at about 5k here in Canada just to get the TV, DVD player and two goggles for a technology that will most likely never take off.

You also need to consider the fact that there is truly only one 3D movie out there at the moment on DVD (Monsters v. Aliens).

Don’t waste your money.

There’s also the fact that the current 3d tvs using polarised glasses will be replaced in a year or two with 3d tvs that don’t require glasses at all.

It’s because 3D is a gimmick, it works in the cinema / theatre because those systems are setup with the “sweet spot” to have maximum effect with lighting and other stuff… the 3D their sending out with new equipment has a lot of issues surrounding it such as multiple formats, lack of original content, the need to replace all your equipment… and let’s not forget a number of people can’t see 3D due to vision disorders so 2D will never go away or be fully replaced. If you want to move to 3D you’ll need a 3D television (so a new set), a 3D compatible DVD/Bluray player, the special glasses (which can cost anything up to $100 a pair!) and potentially new HDMI cables to carry the signal (as it has to pack more data across the stream) - oh and you’ll need to sit very still in a certain location right mid screen to be able to see the 3D properly, else you’ll lose the effect entirely - basically, you’ll want to put by 3 - 5 thousand dollars. :slight_smile:

Wrong: Final Destination 4 is offered in 3D with glasses in the pack… and it came out before Monsters VS Aliens (that I’m aware of). :slight_smile:

Wrong: The technology to achieve that has the issue that it causes severe headaches for a lot of people and eye-strain, and there’s no real evidence to show it can be overcome yet. And reading a lot into 3D I doubt it’s going to be solved and appear as the “new 3D” in two years… 10 perhaps, but not two. :slight_smile: