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I had read that 301 redirects will pass along it’s juice from old to a new domain. Will that also work if i redirected to a older site ive had for 2 years? Or does the domain have to be new/recent to get the link/authority juice?

The way I understand it a 301 redirect is a 301 redirect, regardless of where it’s going. However, I’d assume that over time the “juice” is going to depend on the content at the destination, as opposed to just “holding on” to the reputation of the old page.

If you have more specific questions we might be able to answer them better, but we’re talking in general terms about link juice so that’s the best I’ve got :wink:

The 301 is not a good idea to pass the link juice because 301 don`t pass full page rank. Also the website which you are going to redirect is penalized by Google. Then it will also affect your new website.

Also remember if you redirect large amount inner page to the home page or any other particular page. Then also you are violating the Google algorithm policy.

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The 301 is not a good idea to pass the link juice because 301 don`t pass full page rank.
[/quote]If you have a better suggestion, then please share it.

Eh? Sorry, I don’t understand that at all.

A 301 redirect says that the page has moved permanently, so the site which is being redirected effectively no longer exists. It’s saying “that content can now be found here”. It’s a perfectly normal process, so why would Google penalise anybody for using it? And in what way would or could they penalise the old site?

[quote=“PeterSullivan, post:3, topic:105856”]
Also remember if you redirect large amount inner page to the home page or any other particular page. Then also you are violating the Google algorithm policy.
[/quote]I don’t know that you would be violating any policies, but it is certainly best practice to redirect each page to the most appropriate equivalent on the new site - especially if you want to retain link juice. It is also more helpful to your visitors than just dumping them on the new home page and expecting them to find their way about from there.

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Moz.com tells us.A 301 redirect is a permanent redirect which passes between 90-99% of link juice (ranking
power) to the redirected page.

My Answer: - why too much 301 redirects is not a good idea.
Suppose below are the domain and pages which you are going to redirect your new domain:

1. Example.com
2. example.com/seo-information.html

You cannot redirects all above URL to the home page if you don`t have particular suitable page in your new domain/website.


Because when people click to example.com/seo-updates.html then are looking for SEO updates page not your home page.

My Answer: - Sorry My Bad I was researching some sample and connect with it.

My Answer: - your question is very good. Redirecting to the most related page is a best option. But if you dont have relevant content page and every time your visitor redirect home page or any non-related page then your visitor get annoyed and Its better to use 404 page instead of 301 redirection .

For more detail please watch this small video by Matt Cuts: http://goo.gl/VE7lcp

This topic is all about cross linking between two domains. How does this work out if you 301 redirect one page within a domain to a different page within the same domain but with a different title? This might be the case with webshops when a product is no longer available but there is a good alternative.

I’d think that’s probably a common practice. I can’t see that it would cause any problems for SEO. The only drawback I can see is that there’s no obvious indication to the visitor that the product is no longer available. If I click a link and land on a different, but related, page to the one I was expecting, I tend to assume I’ve somehow screwed up. But maybe that’s just me.

Ideally I would land on a

Sorry that product is no longer available.
You may be interested in these other fine products.
Our listing page has some great deals.
Search may help you find a suitable alternative

type of page.

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A URL 301 redirect is a request to the router (not to be confused with your personal internet router) to redirect from an old numeric Unique Resource Locator to a new numeric Unique Resource Locator.

Web page titles are not transferred.

SEO is entirely different where strings of words are parsed, nearest matched web page content is returned in a list of numeric URLs. Your browser receives these numeric URLs and displays URI, Uniform Resource Identifier string, web page title and web page snippet, maybe even an image.

If you have an old “apple” web page you can redirect to an new “orange” web page but the SEO routines will no doubt spot the difference :smile:

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@Jay_Banger - will also work if redirected to older site. All 301 is, is the proper way to say to world that content at x has now moved to y.

The OP has never returned, and the question has been answered, so there seems little point in continuing the discussion.

Thanks to all who contributed.

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