301 redirect: Backlinks passed and existing pages redirected to homepage


I know how to do a 301 redirect but this will not redirect all pages to the new domains homepage.

How can I do a 301 redirect on the domain to the new domain and have all pages on the old domain name go to the new sites homepage?

I am trying to direct backlinks to the new site and keep customers who are going to the old pages by sending them to the new sites home page on the new domain.

I believe this does what you want:

# redirect an entire site via permanent redirect
Redirect permanent / http://www.newdomain.com/

Bear in mind that unless those backlinks pointed to the home page of the old domain, they are unlikely to survive for long. If somebody has linked to a specific resource on your old site which no longer exists, there is every chance they will remove the link.

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does permanent redirect pass the link juice when backlinks are to the homepage?

Have you read this topic?

Sorry - I thought Permanent meant something different to 301

301 is a permanent redirect.

302 is a temporary redirect.

ok thanks

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Redirection are 3 Type

  1. 301 - Moved Permantly
  2. 302 - Moved temporarily
  3. Meta refresh

But 301 redirect is the best method for SEO purpose implementing redirects on Website. 301 Redirect passes between 90-99% of ranking power to the redirected page.

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