3 Way Link Building?

I’m confused, Because i have que about link building

  1. How many types of link building.

I know only one way link building. In which we can do article submission, social bookmark and directory submission etc.

  1. What is two way and three way link building? What type of activities we can do in this?

My both question are either write or fake. Please tell me …

one way link is one that links to you…2 way is reciprical you link to them they link to you and 3 way is where Site A > Site B > Site C
I Mean, Site B backlink point to site A and site C backlink point to Site B

one way is supposedly the best

3 – way – Link – Building: Example: A to B linking, B to C linking, and C to A linking.
Do Link Exchange with Quality Relevant Website alone.

One types of cycle is 3 way link like A > B > C.

I am wondering is three-way linking good or bad?
On what points we should pay attention to if we want to do three way linking?
Thank you.

Three way link building is helpful to get quality and relevant one way links which increases PR and search engine ranking. The only thing you need is to have another website for link exchange purpose.

Well one way link building is non reciprocal link building in which site A links to site B.In this case site B gets a boost but no boost to site A.
Two way link building is reciprocal link building in which both site A and B links to each other and hence both gets boost.Example of two way link building is directory submission with reciprocal links.
In three way link building site A links to site B,site B links to site C and site C links to site A again.These are non reciprocal links and all gets strong boost.

three way linking means three sites linking each other and making backlinks for each other

Three Way link means,

Some one place your link on his domain, but in return, you have to place another new link on your domain.
Eg. Link A on Site B > Link B on Site C > Link C on Site A

This is old trends of link building, now a days, very few web masters are doing 3Way link exchange.

Two way link building is reciprocal link like in directories.3 way link building means 3 sites exchange links with each other.

Through One way link building you can submit link on another site, Two way link building through is reciprocal. You can link excange to another site. And three way link building make a circal suppose A site like submit on B site and B site link submit on A Site.

One way links are the best to go. They are the most valuable links.

Two way links are reciprocal links. Be careful with them, I’ve got personal experience of getting deindexed after experiments with reciprocal linking.

Three way links are not as dangerous as two way, but Google are smart, so they still might reveal it.

3 way link building is one of the link exchange programs. If we are exchanging our links, i will add your link in my supporting site instead of exchanging website and you will add my link in your supporting site.

Lets assume: X, Y and Z where XYand Z are websites

Site X links with site Y then Site Y links with site Z and site Z links with site X

That is 3 way link