2 months, still not indexed

i have a wp blog with about 200 posts, All in One SEO. I cant specifiy how but it has gonna about 20,000-30,000 real hits since then. The alexa is now almost below 1mil. and i think ive done everything ive suppose to: submit to social bookmarks, digg, etc. Should i be workin on getting backlinks? i have very little of them

sign up for G webmaster tools and submit sitemap.

Other than that you just have to be patient

Indexing should be fast but not PR. To check whether your site is indexed, simple put this in google search browser: site:yourdomain.com

If it shows, then your site is being indexed.

Google doesn’t have an exact timeframe for indexing a site. Their search “crawlers” can take up to 6 months to index a site. You will have to be patient until then, but also make sure you are constantly optimizing your site for SEO. There are “best practices” for SEO which have shown to improve site ranking.

  1. Within site content make sure to utilize the search keyword you want to show up for. Around 5% ratio of the keyword within text is standard.

  2. Backlinks with anchor text to match the keyword you want to show up for.

  3. Look into the structure of your site to ensure all pages are clearly named and structured.

PATIENCE is a virtue one must possess when doing internet marketing!!! There is no specific time frame as to when your blog will get indexed. I have to agree you must work on your SEO, on-site and off-site.

1- On-Page SEO involves everything related to keyword placement, meta tags and everything else you can do related to making your Blog search-able by Google.
2- Off-page SEO involves a lot of work, backlink building is important. Therefore, make sure you do forum posting and blog commenting. Also write QUALITY content rich articles that are informative. These articles should contain your keywords, used in properly structured sentences that convey a message!

I suggest you do not just concentrate on Google!! Some people do, and then lose their focus! You want to ensure you are optimizing your site for all search engines. Keep in mind also that GOOGLE LOVES quality content, so you may be lacking some content in your blog.

you always need to be working on getting back links. Link building is one of the most time consuming tasks and you don’t see the immediate results.

Submit your blog in Google http://www.google.com/addurl/. It will be indexed soon.

I don’t claim to know much about SEO, but I think that your problem is probably about backlinks. For example, submit your site to some web directories.

any chance we can see your website, would make it easier to help you

30k hits in 2 months and Alexa is only 1 million? On my first 2 months, I got maybe a total of 2k visitors and Alexa of 250k. Also I got index the same day I created my blog. There must be something totally wrong if your site isn’t really indexed.

Just keep on posting and link build your blog. Maybe next update of Google you site will get already PR.

ZXT you’re right. thnx for the replies, im new to using wordpress. I told this to a friend and he said to go to the Dashboard under Setting>Privacy, Under there it turned out that it was set to block all search engines from seeing my site. i was pretty pissed. after i fixed that i got indexed same day.:diamonds:

Don’t worry it may take some time to get good ranking on google.
Also keep on working on your backlinks, you should never stop it.

I’m glad you found out whats wrong right away. Search Engine traffic is the most important traffic. We don’t want to miss those kind of traffic.

Add the Google XML sitemaps plugin to your WP blog. you ll get your posts indexed faster.

Crawling rate is depends on your pagerank value and quality links, you may need to get the good quality back link in order to get ranking. You can consider to develop article marketing which those sites are good in quality of link.

Submit your site to
Digg,Mr.Wong and Stumbleupon.com and you will get indexed the same day.

And don`t forget to ping every article you add to your blog.

Try Pingler.com, I got good experience with it. It helps to index your blog faster.

have u enabled the option in “Privacy settings” in wordpress dashboard? If you haven’t, it should be the reason.

That is pretty slow …