Blogger blog not getting indexed?

Usually my new sites get indexed by Google within days… a week at most. I am experimenting with Blogger, however, and have yet to have a single page indexed. The blog has been up for nearly two weeks now and nothing. I have used Google’s /addurl feature, linked to the site from some other related sites, etc., but no progress.

Is it normal for Blogger blogs to take this long to be indexed? What’s the hold up?


P.S. Yes, I allow for search engines to crawl/index my site in the “Settings.”

I also use my Blogger blog as a niche site (as opposed to a continually updated blog), so most of my pages are static. Still, the content is original and of good quality.

Yes if your Blog has not been crawled then do some more work for it.Do Social Bookmarking it will give more advantage.Normally Blogger take 10 days.