11 year old site, great content but lo incom. links

I have an 11 year old website that I’d like to bring up in the search engine rankings for certain keywords. There’s a lot of good content, but I know that the incoming links, especially one way links is in bad shape. I sell learning products of a certain genre and my market is mostly older men who aren’t in tune with social bookmarking like digg, etc and thus our customers don’t provide a lot of links (just because of the demographic). Not only that, but many are jealous of our success and products so they actually don’t link to and don’t mention us. I stumbled upon this site http://www.checkpagerank.net/ and reading about their services. Has anyone used them? I tried forever to get listed in dmoz but that never happened.

What is the strategy for obtaining links to your site from an industry that is jealous of you and customers that are of an older generation who don’t use social bookmarking, or even have websites of their own to link you to?

The strategy would be to get your links from outside your industry. Totally
forget them until the day that they beg YOU for a link.

How? Do your own social bookmarking, buy links, pay for a link building
service (pm me for a recommended service I use). Create some other sites,
build links to them, then have them link to your main site. Hang out with ppl
that know how to find high PR links, for example, tomorrow I am sharing a PR9
link with my clients. They’re gonna love it and that’s why they always renew
with me.

Get a list of dofollow blogs that are at least PR4 homepage. Comment on
them intelligently or hire someone to do your commenting. There are many
folks living in poor economies that are willing to do that pretty cheap.

That’s a few ways,

Have you tried approaching institutions for links? If you sell learning products I’m guessing you’re in the Educational sector so i’d be approaching schools, universities, libraries and local governments.

All of those places have websites, usually with only 1 or 2 people who update the website and who will probably be accommodating if you approach them politely and sincerely. And the kicker is that most sites of that type are authoritative and have some seriously good pagerank to pass on to your site.

You’re right about that! I’m on page 3 for google for that phrase so there’s not a long way to go but I’m sure it gets harder the closer you get to the top…

yes it’s a niche area… Problem is that within that niche, there are loads and loads of unqualified instructors selling junk - tuition for universities included! Take golf for example. The analogy is that anyone who owns a set of golf clubs is qualified to give lessons in golfing. Obviously that’s not true. My customer base isn’t techy enough to support the site through linking, social bookmarking, etc. And I’ve even seen instances where customers of ours purposely don’t mention us because they don’t want others to find out… It’s really nuts! Fortunately, there’s google adwords, and print advertising, and youtube which all work well.

Hmm fair enough. Are there any other educational sites that are likely to want to link to you then? Bookstores maybe? Local government often run local directories and are willing to link to service providers, especially for educational products.

I get the impression that you’re targetting a very niche market and if even you are having trouble finding relevant sites to links to yours, then a company selling paid back-link services is probably going to find it even harder to build quality links for you (which they probably won’t bother to do).

It’s funny you mention universities, etc. Universities take students’ money for four years and don’t teach students of this genre what they really want to know. We do teach them want they want. Specialized schools in this genre do everything they can to shun us (believe me, we’ve been at it for 10 years and I’ve seen what educational institutions do) No one in any form of competition wants to give us a link because they don’t want what we have to “catch on” I know it probably sounds pompous, but the jealousy and resentment out there is ridiculous. It hasn’t stopped our success, but in terms of links, not a whole lot of them.

I’ve purchased about 35 keyword rich domain names which I’m putting up satellite websites on so that should help when they’re all finished. I will PM you to hear your recommendation. I always thought that any link building service was frowned upon the the search engines, has that changed?

How would a SE know if you built the links or Joe Blow built them for you?

You see how quickly a myth can be dispelled?

Keep in mind, if they frown on it… why?

Because it WORKS, that’s why.

Buying those 35 keyword rich domains in order to manipulate the rankings,
you have already violated all the SE’s TOS and guidelines. Anything we do
in order to manipulate the rankings is against their guidelines. The only
thing we ARE allowed is to attract links with some sort of miracle, genius,
amazing content.

I am not a genius.

I struggled with my first site about 6 years ago. It earned about $700/mo
ranking in Yahoo, but in Google it never got above #350. After a year of
that, I decided to take a closer look at who is writing the rule book and a
closer look at who is ranking top ten. That’s when I got into the real money.

Think for yourself and think out of the box.