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Hi guys. Need advice have hit a brick wall :confused: I am trying to get one of my keywords higher in google.
I have a removal business and one of my keywords that I want to get higher is ‘removals to france’.
So I have been searching google looking for related sites that could place a link to my website with a high page rank. So I thought something related to my ‘removals to france’ could be ‘property in france’. Have managed to find a site that I searched for with google (‘property in france’) that displays links on there site for £100 for 12 months and the site has a page rank of 5.

My question is Am I going about this in the right way?
To get the high page ranks do you have to pay out? Any advice would be great thanks.

There are two ways to answer this question.

The ideal answer:
No, you should never have to buy or purchase links to make your website rank. Theoretically if you provide a quality service people will naturally link to you and the order of the universe will be restored.

The realistic answer:
If you want to compete with most other players out there, you’ll need to get creative in obtaining your links. I am NOT advocating purchasing links as that is against Google TOS (unless it’s marked as nofollow) and just feeds money into the link market. What I am saying is that you may need to purchase some sponsorships or advertising to get noticed and jump start organic linking.

There are many ways to get one way links social bookmarkings, blog commenting, social networking and etc. To get a high page rank try focus your link building on related site in that way it will improve your backliks.

I suppose you first of all should have a look at your competitors and decide on strategy. Maybe it will be useful to hire SEO firm for that.

Perhaps if you did an indept competition analysis . Go to google and see what sites are ranking for your keywords. Now see how many links each of these top 10 sites has by going to yahoo ( Google hide the info ) put all 10 ranking sites in yahoo search and see how many links they have. having to go through it for 10 sites is time consuming, but it may help, and look for sites with the least links that are ranking in the top10, this gives you an idea of what to do for ranking.
Hope this helps.

Go to Yahoo site explorer and see what your competitors are doing. You can fill a year with all of the free options like blogs, articles, social bookmarking sites, squidoo, directories and the like. When that is exausted, list your self as advertisements on sites they are in that are authoritative and respected.

I think you are walking along the right path.

I would suggest that you do not get too many links for ‘removals to france’. If a disproportionate amount of incoming links have the same keywords then the search engines will assume that the links are not natural. You have to mix things up, using synonyms, plurals and related words.

Hello everyone,

I would suggest you that first of all find out your lacking point,concentrate on that and then decide your strategy. Consult an seo expert and then do the optimization accordingly… I am sure you’ll achieve your targets but it will take some time…

Good luck for the future…!!

what kind of advertising and sponsorship you are talking about is it like pay per click advertisment?

Friend I think, You are on correct track. You used forum posting link in signature, And second You are going for reciprocal link. You can also start social networking like and