1 and 1 Account Not Activated

I Have Took The 1and1 Hosting Account Signed Up, Subscribed Successfully with the paypal and confirmed the order but after confirming the order i haven’t received any email from the 1and1.com

Neither My Customre ID has Given neither i can login

i haven’t received any email from the 1and1 team

i needed the hosting urgently but their is no info or order confirmation has email has been received by me

Anyone Help With this!

[FONT=Verdana]Welcome to the forum, gbugmenot.

I really don’t see there’s anything we can do to help you here. You’ll need to contact 1 and 1 and explain the situation to them.

I Have Emailed Them and There is no Response i think i have been scammed by them

At which domain did you sign up? In your first post, you mention 1and1.com, but when I visit that site, I see a message telling me that the products on that site are only available to U.S. residents, and directing me to the .co.uk site.

Yes I have Signed Up From US Address But I Haven’t Received Any Info of My Webhosting Package I think I Have Been Scammed!


Well, as I said, that site specifically states its products are for U.S. residents only, and the IP address you are using here is not in the US, so I imagine they have decided you are ineligible for an account and cancelled the transaction.[/FONT]

I Already Own a Domain Order With Them So Why Problem With this!

[FONT=Verdana]As I said in my first post, you really need to sort this out with 1and1, because I’m only guessing. However, their .com site clearly states the products on offer there are for U.S. residents only, so if you’re not a U.S. resident, I would imagine that’s at the root of your problem.


I think I Have Been Scammed ByThem They is no way i Can Contact Them They Are Not Even Replying To My emails

[FONT=Verdana]When did you sign up, and how long has it been since you e-mailed them?

Have they taken your payment via PayPal? If so, then contact PayPal and tell them that the contract has not been fulfilled.[/FONT]

Okay I’ll File Dispute Against Them Thank You For Helping Me Out