Call For Information-Based Web Developer sites

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Please visit the above link, which gets into the elements of a strong Web Site for any professional, including a Web Developer.

In addition, please take a look at the following article on the same subject:

I’d like to begin collecting as many examples as possible of Web Designers/Web Developers who include the following elements on their own Web Site:

– Testimonial(s) on top third of home page (which immediately establish credibility);

– Free articles, white papers, case studies of web sites that work and don’t, and other resources that educate and inform their audience (which gets them interested, and positions you as an expert);

– Headlines and sub-heads that grab the attention of visitors, and keep them interested (e.g. they are curiosity-inducing, or show real benefits);

– Solid guarantees that competitors can’t match (which takes the risk away from the prospect);

– Copy that talks about the prospect twice as much as it talks about the web designer/developer (which draws the prospect in);

– Ways to entice visitors to leave their contact information so that the Web Developer can follow up over time to continue to build credibility; and

– A focus on a specific target market, with strong marketing messages that appeal to that market’s unique issues and language.

You don’t need to have all of the above elements in place, but I’d sure like to have a collection on Sitepoint of Web business sites that go beyond the usual talk about “Here’s who we are, here’s our portfolio, here’s the services we offer, etc….”

So, if your company or any Web Development/Design firm that you know and respect meets any of the above criteria, please post their link on this blog so that others can learn from it. Where possible, include results you have gotten by including these elements.

That way, readers of this blog can start to set their Web sites apart from the usual generic stuff….

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