Behance Typographers Give it Away

Jennifer Farley

I love Behance for many reasons. Firstly, the huge variety of design, illustration and photography projects online which are updated daily are a great source of inspiration and eye candy. Secondly, because of the free design “stuff” that is shared on the site. So, for your viewing pleasure and your font bag, here’s another set of lovely typefaces which are free to download.

Insanability is a custom font by Cory Angen. You can download it here.


St Marie Thin & Thin Web by Sascha Timplan. You can download the fonts here.


Deekar Light & Normal Free Fonts by Fontfabric. You can download the font here.

Dekar Light


Arcus by Samuel Carnoky. You can download the font from here (it’s €0 at check out from


Code Light & Bold Font by Fontfabric. You can download it here.



Juice by Dhany Arliyanti. You can download the full family here from Dafont.


Sonrisa Thin by Jason Castle. The font can be downloaded from the CastleType site here.


Camisado by Greg Eckler is a “humanist sans serif with transitional tendencies”. You can download it here from the Vicious Circus.


What do you think of these typefaces? Any of them take your fancy?