Beauty of the Web?

    Ricky Onsman

    Beauty of the Web. That’s the term Microsoft is using to describe the recently released beta version of Internet Explorer 9.What is Microsoft talking about? Does it really think IE9 will make the Web more beautiful? Its dedicated website,, prompted me to think this is worth exploring. Here’s some of what I discovered.There’s a new user interface to explore with extended functionality, including tabs that can be detached and repositioned, a combined search and address bar called OneBox, and the super-discreet Notification Bar.Microsoft’s self-imposed target of releasing “the fastest browser out there” may just have become a reality. By tweaking the work roles of CPU and GPU here, and optimizing JavaScript computation there, the IE team are shown to be very close to their goal with Internet Explorer 9.But wait, there’s more! Reactive and immediate add-on and plugin management greatly improves control over page download times, while Site Pinning looks both functionally useful and very cool.You can also tackle the Microsoft-sponsored quiz we’ve compiled to see what you can recall from the article.So read the article, or take the quiz now.

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