CloudSpring: What Do You Want To Read About The Cloud?

Toby Tremayne

Trawling the blogosphere, listening to colleagues and clients and recently seeing some of the comments here on, it is very apparent that there is a great deal of hype surrounding cloud technologies that needs clarified. Many techs don’t seem to understand the divide between cloud development and classical static hosted development, business owners haven’t the first idea what the cloud is and everyone is confused by the conflicting statistics, overhyped media releases and undying myths about the cloud. is on its way toward becoming the go-to web address for cloud tech news, education and discussion, and we want to continue that growth by providing the most useful content we can. Our subscribers run the gamut from developers to C-level officers, from both the experienced camps and the uninformed, and so it is you who knows best what needs to be researched and presented.

So tell us all about it! Let us know in the comments what kind of articles you would like to see, any technologies or companies you’d specifically like us to keep an eye on or present, and any topics you feel need to be discussed in detail, whether as introductory or advanced articles, and we’ll be sure to deliver.

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BullHorn Image via Shutterstock