Are Your Customers Promoting You?

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In this post I am going to discuss, how going that extra mile with customer service can make a big difference to the bottom line of your businesses.

Recently the exhaust broke on my car. I needed to get it fixed, but where? Did I take it to the nearest or cheapest place?

Nope. I took it to the place that had repaired the exhaust on my old car 4 years ago — 115 miles (185km) away. Why?

Customer service.

Last time I went there, not only did they do a first class job with the exhaust, but they also went the extra mile with customer service.

  • they stayed open past their normal closing time, so we could pick up the car (as we were running late)
  • they fixed another minor issue at the same time for no extra charge
  • they were friendly and customer centered
  • they made the tiresome irritation of a broken exhaust into a positive experience
  • they even made our little boy’s day by letting him have a go with a remote control car

At the end of the day – I, as the customer was made to feel special and not like a “walking wallet”. They did what they said they would do and more. I was happy to part with my hard earned cash.

When I returned, was I disappointed?

No — again, immaculate service that went that extra mile.

What does this exceptional service do for that business?

  • they get repeat business
  • they are actively promoted for free by happy customers (like myself)
  • they save money on marketing and promotion
  • they get to feel good about making a small, but positive difference to people’s lives

All of this translates to a healthier bottom line. Simply, great customer service makes excellent business sense.

And how did I find out about them?
Someone recommended them to me — Of course.

How do you go above and beyond for your customers?

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