Announcing the Winner of our Free Ticket to Web Directions @media 2010

By Andrew Gardner

A couple of weeks ago we gave you some details about how you could score yourself a free ticket to the Web Directions @media 2010 conference in London.

Well, we’ve selected a winner and it’s with great pleasure that we announce JJenZz as the lucky recipient of the golden pass!

Jenna is a self-taught front-end Web Developer (HTML, CSS & jQuery) and Web Designer (Fireworks) living in London, UK. She’s been an industry professional for 8 years and by day she works as a contractor providing front-end Web Development services.

Having been a member of the SitePoint community for a year or so, Jenna is very excited about going to Web Directions – a conference she has never had the pleasure of attending.

We’d like to thank everyone who participated, and remind all of those who did not win that you can still get a massive discount on a ticket. Just use the code SitePoint when you register, and you’ll be eligible for £100 off. That’s even cheaper than the Early Bird price, and is valid right up until the day before the conference!

Check out the Web Directions @media 2010 web site for details.

Congrats again to the lucky winner.

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