By Matthew Magain

How to Score a Free Ticket to Web Directions @media

By Matthew Magain

The Web Directions @media 2010 conference is on in London in a couple of weeks, and we’re giving one lucky SitePoint reader the chance to score a ticket to the event, thanks to our friends at Web Directions. Read on for details on how you could win (hint: it’s ridiculously easy).

Who Is Speaking?

Boasting an amazing lineup of speakers, this is definitely an event that will inspire, energize and enthuse anyone remotely interested in the web. Seriously, just take a look over the speaker list for a moment:

  • SitePoint authors Rachel Andrew, Bruce Lawson and Simon Willison
  • jQuery creator John Resig
  • talented British designers Andy Clarke and Mark Boulton
  • Yahoo’s Tom Hughes-Croucher and Christian Crumlish

… as well as many more exciting and engaging presenters. I’m just a little bit jealous that I won’t be able to attend myself (being based in Australia and all). However, if you’re in the UK and able to get to London in the second week of June, you’d be mad to miss it.

Speaking of which …

Win a Free Web Directions @media Ticket

Are you in or near London and desperate to attend @media, but can’t find the cash this year? SitePoint has you covered. We’re giving away one free ticket worth £549. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post indicating that you’d like to attend @media, and you’ll go into the draw. That’s it.

Here are the details:

  • Note this event is in London, England, and you must be able to get yourself to the event. If that means coming from out of town, then travel and accommodation is your responsibility. If you’re not able to get yourself there, then please don’t leave a comment.
  • Only one entry per person. If we detect someone entering using multiple email addresses, we’ll remove that comment from the running.
  • You must leave your comment by 11:59pm on Monday, May 31st (British Standard Time). Comments will be disabled at that point, and a winner will be chosen at random, and announced on this blog the next day.
  • Be sure not to post anonymously, or we’ll have no way of contacting you. Register for a SitePoint Forums account and we’ll use that to notify you if you’re our winner.

Oh, and there’s more …

Discount for SitePoint Readers

If you miss out on the winning ticket, all is not lost—SitePoint readers are eligible for a massive discount on the purchase of a ticket to @media 2010. Just use the code SitePoint when you register, and you’ll be eligible for £100 off. That’s even cheaper than the Early Bird price, and is valid right up until the day before the conference!

Oh, and if you purchase your tickets (or have already done so), then happen to win the free SitePoint ticket, the Web Directions folks will refund your ticket. Neat, huh? Then you can go spend that cash on something else.

Check out the Web Directions @media 2010 site for more information about the conference.

  • Anonymous

    I would love, love, LOVE to attend @media conference, I’ve missed so many great events this year for lack of funds – it would be sheer awesomeness if I was picked to go :D

  • Shaun -sdh-4

    I would love to win an @media ticket. Thanks sitepoint for giving us the opportunity

  • I would love one. At £549 @media is a bit out of my budget at the mo.

  • It would be awesome to attend @media this year. Being a Web Developer in the Public Sector means there’s no chance I can afford to go this year.

  • shirag

    Would love to be @ @media

  • adover

    I’d love to go to this! :) Never been to a web design conference in my life and been designing for almost 10 years! About time I mingled with some like minded people!

  • Jenna

    Would be very grateful for a ticket :) As a contractor, you don’t get the perks of having your employer pay for your tickets haha!

    If I’m picked from the draw, you can get hold of me through my website: or twitter:

    *fingers crossed*

    • Andrew Gardner

      Congratulations Jenna, you are the lucky winner of the free ticket to Web Directions!

      Thanks to everyone for participating, Jenna we will be in touch shortly with further details :)

      • Jenna

        I never thought I’d win this! What a shocker! This is fabulous news! exclamation, exclamation, exclamation!

        Thank youuu :)

    • Well done Jenna. Hope to see you there!

  • I’d love to win the Golden Ticket to @media’s Web Factory, please.

  • automatedtester

    I would love to come to @Media. I have an unhealthy obsession with web development, always wanting to learn new things!

  • malese

    Going there would be fantastic. Best offer since Designing Without Tables Using CSS 1st edition with a discount? For sure! keeping my fingers crossed.

  • Oh I was just looking at the @media website, sobbing that I wouldn’t be able to afford it…started wondering if I really need both my kidneys…then I find this! Would absolutely absolutely love to go – thanks for the chance!

  • UnDash

    I can has ticket?

  • Anonymous

    I’d love to go – went two years ago and thought it the best web conference I’d ever attended, but I have just gone freelance so cannot get assistance from my employer any more.

  • chrisplatts01

    Love to go – went two years ago and thought it was great, but i am freelance now so no employer assistance!

  • didgy58

    i would love one of these @media tickets. thanks for giving us the opportunity to win one.

  • Yeah go on then: “include me in” as the saying goes.

  • foggonda

    I’d love to go to @media!

  • azcazandco

    Stick me down for the lucky dip, I would like to go to @media :)

  • svnlto

    I would love to go to @media but unfortunately it’s not with my budget.
    Will I be lucky?

  • M.Mahgoub

    This will be a dream come true for me

  • 0kc0mputer


  • aaron118

    I would love to attend @media, I’m a student and have yet to attend a big conference like this, would be awesome, especially the talks on things like CSS3 and HTML5 which I am a big advocate of!

  • Snapey

    yes please, yes please, yes please…

  • zidane10


  • Anonymous

    I would absolutely love to attend @Media

  • Tunny3

    Oooooh, to be at @media would be tremend!

  • JohnScrivner

    I’m in. Sign me up to attend @Media in London.

  • dansmart

    I’d love to be there at @Meda.

  • Magic Pockets

    I would love to attend @Media, especially for free!

  • vgrecchi

    I would T O T A L L Y L O V E to attend @media. Please, please
    P I C K M E :)

  • cridgey

    erm yes i would love to go to attend @media especially as I’m in the UK then :) if I don’t win please let me design your site then I might be able to afford to go next year
    and who’s this Anonymous bloke, I thought you was only allowed to post once ;-)

  • I would love to attend @media, I’m a senior citizen and entirely self taught, so to mix with the youngsters will be “awesome”.

  • happyt

    Love to win this…

  • wildted

    Yes please, count me in.

  • ian morton

    Fingers crossed!

  • Hehe, I’m going to win the ticket to @Media :)

  • alpage2

    I would love to attend @media.

  • Anonymous

    I am SKINT oh and
    I want to learn from the hegeeks so we can have more shegeek masters!

    pick me miss….

  • MarkF

    MeMeMeMe… Yes, Me please! Thank You!

  • matthewbond

    I would like to attend @media……..mostly!!

  • blitzgone

    count me in, I’d love to win

  • blitzgone

    I want one, I want one

  • What an awesome co-incidence. I am on my way over to UK shortly and will be only too pleased to accept a ticket to Web Directions!

  • stretchwickster

    I’d love to go to @media! Plus I live on the edge (!)…of London.

  • m80her

    Living in London it would be rude not to enter ><

  • barrybloye

    I’d love to got to @media. Went to the first three events but can’t afford it now. :(

  • tossie79

    I’d love to go to @media. It is a marvelous opportunity which i can’t take for granted. SO please pick me.

    Thanks in advance

  • irque

    I would LOVE to win a trip to London!!!…..oh….and that…@media thingy sounds cool too.

  • saltire42

    Count me in.

  • fooBarNone

    I’d love to go to @media. Pick me !

  • bulletproofpoet

    Count me in! I’d love to go to @media. Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    @media rocks, I have been to quite a few over the years and enjoyed them all. I have put together a blog post about my favourite experiences there going back to @media 2005 (

  • CharlieLaw

    I really want to be there this year but my company cant afford it, so come on sitepoint deal me in.

  • locopat

    I hope Santa Claus, oops, sorry, SitePoint will help me get to @media…

  • jaygreasley

    count me in, I’d love to go

  • I would love to win a ticket to @media in London. I’m an Aussie recently moved to England, so I can represent you SitePoint guys ;)

  • Anonymous

    Count me in – would like to be able to make it to @media this year ;)

  • palgrave

    Yep, I want to go too. Stick my name in the hat.

  • I’m a teacher in Web usability and web project design & management at I’d love to get in and spread the knowledge on to my students!
    Thanks !

  • Anonymous

    I’d love to experience Web Directions @media 2010!

  • funkybuddha

    would also love to go to @media 2010, a once in a lifetime opportunity for someone who has never been to one

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