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    Adam Roberts

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    Blockchain Newsletter

    Whether it’s being hailed as a game-changer or derided as hype, blockchain is everywhere these days. But it’s hard to get trustworthy, unbiased news and tutorials about the tech. If you’re trying to enter the blockchain dev world, there’s a high price of entry.

    Blockchain technology is useful for more than just cryptocurrency, and this newsletter will highlight some of the more interesting and exciting developments in this emerging field, along with ways to get started yourself.

    You’ll get a curated selection of links sourced by me, Adam. You may know me from weekly Back-end and Design newsletters, or from Versioning, my daily newsletter and membership publication focused on the bleeding-edge of web dev and design. Now I want to expand my knowledge to the blockchain world – and I want you to join me.

    Every Friday, you’ll receive a newsletter full of curated links that I’ve found useful in my own research, along with links to useful tools, tutorials and projects I think are worthwhile. Also, no scams!

    Sign up, and I promise it’ll be both on-the-chain and off-the-chain!