A moment of gratitude

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There seems to be an unending supply of large- and small-scale tragedy in the world these days, both man-made and natural.

This gets to what may seem a tangential issue for selling web services, but really is key: Are you living a life you love? Are you doing work you love?

I can’t help but give infinite thanks for being self-employed, working from home, making my own hours, doing what I love. Half my success comes, I think, from loving what I do. Clients and prospects sense my passion, and want to work with me.

Life can end any time. Today, tomorrow, some time when you least expect it. You don’t want to have regrets.

If you are reading this and working in a job you hate, make a plan to get out quick. That’s not the only aspect of living a life you love, but it’s certainly an important one.

You are blessed to have a great set of skills, skills that can take you far.

Time is precious. Don’t have regrets when your time comes.

Ask yourself: If something awful happened to the building where you are working right now, and you perished, would you have no regrets about where you work — or would you say during your last minute, “I can’t believe I didn’t quit this crummy job and do what I really wanted to do?”

I hope this passage is not too trite, and makes a difference to at least someone reading it.

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