99designs Launches Ready-made Logo Store

By Matthew Magain
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readymade-logosI’m excited to reveal the details of an interesting project that our friends from 99designs.com have been working on. Introducing the 99designs Ready-made Logo Store. The idea is you can browse a catalogue of logo designs (designed by the 99designs community) and buy them “off the shelf,” customized with your business name, for $99.

I know first-hand the effort that went into researching and building this service that has been a highly requested feature by the 99designs community for some time. Quite different from their popular design contest offering which is ideal for highly customized unique designs, the new Logo Design Store provides a much quicker turnaround and a more cost effective option for small business.

For designers, the Logo Design Store provides a whole new way to make money from your designs and show off your talent—logos can be purchased either exclusively or non-exclusively, so it’s possible that you could make multiple sales of the same logo for $99 each.

The guys at 99designs are currently “stocking the shelves” with the first logos becoming available for sale in March. However, the catalogue of logos already submitted is impressive! I’d encourage you to check it out… 99designs Logo Store.

Looking for more info? Check out:

We teamed up with SiteGround
To bring you the latest from the web and tried-and-true hosting, recommended for designers and developers. SitePoint Readers Get Up To 65% OFF Now
  • Craig

    Seriously? Could you have any less respect for the design community? Way to set us back a little bit further.

  • Anonymous

    This thing has nothing to do with design… Logos are not designed for its own sake. It’s designed for a specific purpose.
    Sadly, this service could cause some confusion.
    Or maybe there’s a market for it which designers wouldn’t be ever able to reach anyway…

  • Chris

    Sorry, guys. But the very nature of a pre-made logo is contrary to every principle of branding and identity.

    I love SitePoint but the 99designs.com site bothers me in that it denigrates the quality of work that many of us strive so hard to provide our clients and lowers the valuation of said services.

    I’ve dealt with many clients burned by crowdsourcing. And many of my colleagues have experienced the same. I’m sure there is a market niche out there for this model but its somewhat abrasive to put this promotion on SitePoint which is dedicated to professional web developers. We all know SitePoint owns 99designs.com.

  • Bad news.

  • nabrown78

    Honestly, it is really discouraging to see Sitepoint, a website at least partially aimed at designers, hawking 99designs. Purchasing a painfully bland, generic design and slapping your name on it is no way to establish a unique and compelling identity.

  • Just…B

    Yet another ding to the design community…. ouch! More “drive through design” just what we need!

  • CrazyMuttDesign

    I am a huge fan of both Sitepoint and 99 Designs.

    That being said, this is a joke. Look at the terms. 30%??? Really? Yeah, I know, with more participation you can get up to 50%.

    That is still a rip off.

    Sorry, but this is just a way to screw designers.

  • Whosdigit

    It reminds me of a Commercial Art teacher I had. She wasn’t able to come up with her own lesson plan, so each class was dedicated to a “contest” for one of her clients. If you won, you received $50.00. Then you were required to do the paste-up (showing my age here) for free. You also received two printed samples for your portfolio. So, for and average of 6 hours of design, 1 hour of meeting with the “client”, a class critique, 2 hours of reworks, 2 hours of camera ready paste-up, you got $50.00, “IF” you won and two printed pieces. Although, even if you won, you had to sign over the design to the instructor, who usually reworked the final and she would use it in her other projects. The guy who won the most times dropped out of school and is driving for Pepsi to this day. He has nothing but bitterness for the “design” field. His talent was squashed because the process told him it had no value.
    Thank you SitePoint for demonstrating how important to you those you teach really are.

  • Whosdigit

    With the quality of the designs on the site at this time, the client could save his 99 and use clip art and Publisher to do the same thing. After all, there isn’t any need for a “professional” at this level is there?

  • Chandrashekhar

    I am big fan of 99 logo design…………..i love their user friendly features. I designed simple logo for my blog using cool 99 logo

  • Honestly, some designers think you have a god-given right to monopolise markets and charge high rates. I’m a programmer, and don’t you think I’ve lost a lot of work because of libraries like jQuery?

    But I don’t sit around bitching about how it denegrates my profession and makes it harder for me to find work, I just get on with my job.

    Sites like 99designs, and libraries like jQuery, serve a particuar niche of clients who would otherwise not be able to afford such services at all. Personally I don’t want those kinds of clients, but even if I did, there would be no point wasting my energy in complaining that servicing their needs is stoping me from gettinghigher-paying work, because that would be a gross oversimplifiction of the reality of market forces.

    Kitchen/heat .. you know the rest :)

  • In fact now I think about it — a lot of the designers who complain about sites like 99designs, are the very same people who think of libraries like jQuery as godsends.


  • McAaron

    BOOM HEAD SHOT!!!!!! This is killing designers.
    99Designs isn’t worth it, low prize money and a low chance of winning. And Whosdigit’s art teacher needs to be slapped.

  • Dragoon-

    Its a designer sweat shop. Turning out cheap mass produced logos.

  • Dissapointed

    99designs has lost all its value and this is truly sad for the designer community. In Sitepoint’s and 99designs efforts to promote designers, they are actually undervaluing the creativeness and professionalism of people who make a living of of design. Truly sad.

  • Matt

    Very disappointed with sitepoint.com on this one. For a site that harnesses designers, and goes out and promotes sites like 99designs.com

    And for the record the Nike logo once cost $25.00 to make.

    What does that say about 99designs

  • Aljiro

    I agree with the other comments. This kind of things eat away at the industry and further degrade people’s perception of our line of work.

    Selling logos like a commodity will do no good for the design community.

  • Kim

    As a consumer I think this is great. You designers need to stop being cry babies. If a client really needs a professional quality brand-loyal custom-made logo, they will turn to you. This service is for the blogs, small web sites on a budget and others like that. Lighten up, be professional.

  • Crystal


    Name calling is hardly professional.

    With that said I agree with others who only wish to protect the industry.

  • giu


    I am working as a freelancer designer.
    I have about three years experience and worked in agencies also.
    Now I don’t have a stable home and because I move a lot I am trying the freelancing.

    So.. beside local clients I have the option of the bidding sites and this kind of contests.

    I think this 99 is way better and I will use it. At least the client is choosing the most appropriate design for his business.

    On the bidding sites is not nice at all. The price should be the lowest and if possible 10 years experience. I am always wondering why a ten year graphic designer would make a website for 60$? And many clients request mockup anyway.

    Anyway.. 99 looks more fair for the designer and for the client. And about the prices.. it’s about choice. If you are on an upper level.. you choose the projects with higher price. And again if you have lots of experience and your work deserves more money why to look for work there?

    This is my opinion… as I am new to the freelancing ideea I would be happy to get some feedback. Maybe I got it all wrong.

    I would like to share my portfolio with you so you can see my level also.