99designs Launches Ready-made Logo Store

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I’m excited to reveal the details of an interesting project that our friends from 99designs.com have been working on. Introducing the 99designs Ready-made Logo Store. The idea is you can browse a catalogue of logo designs (designed by the 99designs community) and buy them “off the shelf,” customized with your business name, for $99. I know first-hand the effort that went into researching and building this service that has been a highly requested feature by the 99designs community for some time. Quite different from their popular design contest offering which is ideal for highly customized unique designs, the new Logo Design Store provides a much quicker turnaround and a more cost effective option for small business. For designers, the Logo Design Store provides a whole new way to make money from your designs and show off your talent—logos can be purchased either exclusively or non-exclusively, so it’s possible that you could make multiple sales of the same logo for $99 each. The guys at 99designs are currently “stocking the shelves” with the first logos becoming available for sale in March. However, the catalogue of logos already submitted is impressive! I’d encourage you to check it out… 99designs Logo Store
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Frequently Asked Questions about 99designs Ready-Made Logo Store

What is the 99designs Ready-Made Logo Store?

The 99designs Ready-Made Logo Store is a platform where businesses can purchase pre-designed logos. These logos are created by professional designers and are available for immediate use. This service is perfect for businesses that need a logo quickly and don’t have the time or resources to go through the traditional design process.

How does the 99designs Ready-Made Logo Store work?

The process is simple. You browse through the collection of pre-designed logos, select the one you like, and purchase it. Once purchased, the logo is yours to use as you wish. You can also request minor modifications to the logo, such as color changes or adding your business name.

What are the benefits of using the 99designs Ready-Made Logo Store?

The main benefit is speed. You can have a professionally designed logo ready to use in a matter of minutes. Additionally, the logos are created by professional designers, ensuring high-quality designs. The cost is also significantly lower than hiring a designer to create a custom logo.

Can I request changes to a ready-made logo?

Yes, minor modifications can be requested after purchasing a logo. This includes changes to the color scheme or adding your business name. However, major changes to the design are not typically allowed.

How much does a ready-made logo cost?

The cost of a ready-made logo varies depending on the design. However, it is generally much cheaper than hiring a designer to create a custom logo. The exact price can be found on the logo’s product page.

Are the logos unique?

Yes, each logo in the 99designs Ready-Made Logo Store is unique and once purchased, it is removed from the store to ensure it is not sold to anyone else.

Can I return or exchange a logo after purchase?

Due to the nature of the product, returns or exchanges are typically not allowed. It’s important to carefully consider your choice before making a purchase.

How can I use my purchased logo?

Once purchased, the logo is yours to use as you wish. This includes using it on your website, social media, marketing materials, products, and more.

What file formats are the logos available in?

Logos are typically provided in multiple file formats, including vector (EPS or AI) and raster (JPEG or PNG) formats. This ensures you can use the logo in a variety of applications.

Can I resell a logo I purchased from the 99designs Ready-Made Logo Store?

No, the purchase of a logo from the 99designs Ready-Made Logo Store grants you the rights to use the logo for your business, but it does not allow you to resell the logo.

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