7 Free Teleconference Services

Alyssa Gregory

phoneYesterday, I provided a rundown of tips to help you conduct successful teleconferences. Today, I’ll share some research I’ve done into free teleconference services (this list doesn’t include paid options or services that offer webinar-based functionality).

The main benefit that a free conference service provides is the ability to conduct teleconferences with multiple parties, usually anytime you want, without needing any special telephone or bridge line equipment. It’s as easy as giving participants a regular toll number and a time to call.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to fine tune your targeted teleconference selection criteria and find a service that meets your needs so you can make your business communication process a piece of cake.

Common Free Teleconference Service Selection Criteria

Here is a list of some of the most common features you’ll review when analyzing teleconference services.

  • Conference Limits: This can be in terms of length of calls, number of calls per period of time, and maximum number of participants per call.
  • Reservationless or Scheduled: Can you conduct a teleconference on the fly or does it need to be scheduled in advance?
  • Call Recording: Is it available and how do you access the audio file? Is there a charge?
  • Moderator Control: What features are available? For example, can you mute participants for presentation-based calls, pause recordings and turn off entry chimes?

Most free services don’t offer many more features than what’s listed above, so usually the number of participants and call duration limits are the most important criteria to consider.

Free Teleconference Services

  1. Free Conference Service: Free, unlimited teleconference services available 24-hours a day for up to 50 parties on each call. There are no restrictions on call length.
  2. FreeConCall.com: A free conference service for up to 30 participants per call, available 24/7 on a reservationless basis.
  3. FreeConference.com: Free web-scheduled or reservationless conference calls with 24-hour automated access, call reporting, conference mute, up to 150 participants and a maximum call length of three hours. They also offer a paid plan, as well as add-ons, such as conference recording.
  4. FreeConferenceCall.com: Free, reservationless conference calling that provides a dedicated dial-in number and an access code, 24/7 access, free recording, listen-only mode, call reports, up to 96 callers and maximum of 6-hour conference calls.
  5. FreeConferencePro: A free service that provides scheduled or on-demand conference calling for 2 to 200 participants on calls of unlimited duration. The service provides multiple call modes (conversation, Q&A and presentation mode), online account access, reporting and customization options.
  6. FreeGreenConferenceCalls.com: A free service that’s available 24/7 365 days a year for reservationless calls including up to 250 participants per call and an unlimited call length. The service provides free call recording and downloading of WAV files for each call, and presentation mode so all callers can be muted by the moderator.
  7. No Cost Conference: Free instant, automated conference calls, available 24/7 with no scheduling required. They also provide an unlimited conference time, and free recording and retrieval.

While these services are free, users will incur local toll/long distance telephone charges when dialing in.

Do you use a free conference service? What has your experience been?

Image credit: Sergio Ramirez