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6 Top VPNs for Web Developers to Choose

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Do you need a VPN? You’re probably familiar with them, but they work like this: you connect to a server, all your internet queries pass through it as an intermediary, and they are passed on from this server to the external net. You can use a VPN to, for example, bypass geographic content restrictions by connecting to a server in the appropriate country.

For web developers, these features are essentially useful. First, when it’s necessary to connect to sensitive development servers from outside networks, a VPN can make it safer by encrypting the traffic passing through your local network. This reduces the danger that the information you send to those servers will be accessed by hackers. And while testing geolocation features, a VPN allows you to connect as a user from the appropriate destination.

The downside is that the VPN needs to have access to your packets in order to relay them. You need to choose VPNs carefully, and it’s especially worth being careful with new services, and even free ones. Note that it’s important to use your company’s VPN for development, or a service that has been approved for usage by your team.

To choose a service one should carefully read all the VPN Reviews on the web, search for the experts' opinions, and consider the product’s reputation.

Let's analyze the most widespread VPN services:

  • NordVPN is a proven and reliable service. It fully meets all user requirements concerning safety and anonymity. This is a great service for working with torrents and watching streams. The most reliable AES-256-CBC encryption and OpenVPN protocol make the service one of the most powerful ones out there. Mac and iOS users will be able to use AES-256-CGM encryption and IKEv2 / IPSec protocol, which will also provide unrivalled protection. It adheres to a strict, tax-free policy. This is a perfect service for watching Netflix without any restrictions. It supports torrents and provides excellent speed.

  • TunnelBear VPN is one of the leaders among VPN services. It ensures fast and safe web surfing. You can choose a server in one of 15 countries around the world. To utilize the application, you must install a special extension and create a free account. Users receive 750 MB of free traffic.

  • Hola VPN is another free service that has no traffic limits and data transfer rates. It has servers in 15 countries of the world that you can choose from. Hola is a peer-to-peer service. It was once accused of selling traffic and software vulnerabilities. This scandal has affected its reputation.

  • ExpressVPN has 3000+ high-speed servers in 160 countries of the world. This is the fastest VPN of all, so it's perfect for torrents and streams. The split-tunneling feature lets you set up ExpressVPN for yourself and choose which traffic you want to encrypt. The service helps you access your favorite resources even on platforms that don't support VPN. The MediaStreamer feature lets you forget about all the possible restrictions.

  • PrivateVPN is registered in Sweden. It provides its customers with the ability to establish anonymous VPN connections and use HTTP proxies. The service is available on a wide variety of operating systems including Mac, Windows, and Linux. The following protocols are supported: PPTP, OpenVPN, and L2TP. Using PrivateVPN, you can access blocked sites, get through firewalls, and deal with geographic restrictions. The service provides access to Netflix, Amazon Video, and Hulu.

  • Hide Me is another free service available to users today. The service is located in Malaysia and has 28 servers in 22 countries of the world. OpenVPN encryption guarantees data security and fast network speed. You get up to 2 GB of free traffic per month.

Fortunately, not all premium VPNs are expensive. In fact, you can buy a high-quality VPN service subscription for less than $3 per month! It's also worth noting that lots of services have free trial periods which make it possible for you to test them and figure out whether one or another service meets all your requirements.

Privacy and security are the two most significant factors in choosing a VPN. Lots of services give a money-back guarantee: you will have from 7 to 45 days (contingent on the service) to cancel your subscription and get your money back if you don't like something.

Working with a VPN is an ordinary thing. Lots of companies use VPNs to protect their business data from hackers, as well as to conduct marketing research in different countries of the world.

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