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By Gabrielle Gosha

10 Brilliant Color Apps for Designers

By Gabrielle Gosha

Color is extremely important in the design world. Savvy designers with a background in color theory choose colors deliberately for connotations that strengthen their design. Well-chosen colors can transform good work into spectacular work, and poorly-chosen colors can spell disaster for any design.

While making thoughtful, deliberate color choices can be a challenge, developing color palettes, matching colors, and translating those colors into HTML code doesn’t have to be. There are a number of apps for mobile devices designed explicitly with color in mind. Whether you’re a photographer, interior decorator, web designer, or hobbyist, you’re sure to benefit from the ability to choose and organize your colors whenever (and wherever) color inspiration strikes you. Here are ten brilliant color apps for mobile devices.




Take your photos — just snapped or already in your library — and use the colors within them to build palettes.

Price: Free

Real Colors Pro

real colors pro_tn

Generate color palettes from your photos to create harmonious color palettes.

Price: $3.99

Color Splash

color splash_tn

Keep selective color in your converted black and white images for a dynamic look and feel.

Price: $0.99

Color Touch Effects

color  touch_tn

Recolor your images and apply effects to them, turning chosen colors either black and white or sepia.

Price: Free

Palettes Pro

palettes pro_tn

Palettes Pro allows you to create and manage your personally-created color palettes.

Price: $3.99

Cliqcliq Colors


Discover, convert, and manage both your colors and your palettes using Hex, RGB, or CMYK values.

Price: Free



Access over 13,000 PANTONE colors and create palettes for inspiration, to share, or to keep in your pocket when you need them.

Price: $9.99



ColorToy allows you to build custom color scheme that you can modify and store.

Price: $0.99



Create an interactive lightshow with generated color schemes to see how the colors relate to each other.

Price: Free

Color Spurge

color spurge_tn

You can apply color to your photos as well as impressive photo effects.

Price: Free

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  • Iain Lowe

    You missed a venerable tool but a good one: color schemer. A tool for mac, windows & iOS that has many color palette creation tools built in, including colours from photos. It also allows you to download color schemes created by others.

    • Thanks for the share Iain! At the time I was looking for apps this one just wouldn’t pull up for me.

  • Jeff Seager

    Nice compilation! Would’ve been helpful if you’d noted which platforms each app is available for, but I figured out eventually that most are for iOS.

    I’ve just installed the Sherwin Williams app on an Android phone, where I have two more color apps worth mentioning: Daniel Mena Calavia’s “Color Reference” and lioDevel’s “WebColors 0.3 (beta),” both available in the Google Play store. Both are free. “Color Reference” is a bit like Adobe’s “Kuler” app in the way it enables you to set up custom palettes.

    Thanks for your hard work! It’s much appreciated.

    • Thank you!
      Ah yes sorry about that but most were for iOS but there were some for the Android as well.
      Also thanks for the share, it’s always appreciated since I can’t cover all the many apps out there.

  • HI,
    Nice post! Did you try “Your Palettes”?
    I would love to have your feedback


    • Hi there, haven’t checked it out yet but perhaps I can do another app showcase and feature this one.

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