Matthew Magain is a UX designer with over 15 years of experience creating exceptional digital experiences for companies such as IBM, Australia Post, and He is the co-founder of UX Mastery, and recently co-authored Everyday UX, an inspiring collection of interviews with some of the best UX Designers in the world.

Matthew's articles

  1. What Does a UX Designer Actually Do?

    I still remember the first time I came across the term “User Experience Designer”. It was years ago, embedded in the email signature of a friend of mine—someone whose job I never quite understood. So I asked him. His answer fundamentally changed how I designed websites from that day forward. Not because of what he […]

  2. Use Data-backed Personas to Shape UX Design Decisions

    The idea of using personas to shape design decisions for a web site is nothing new. Personas represent visitors to your site; that is, they’re fictitious visitors. Each persona has a name, photo, and bio that includes details such as where they live, work, or study, what is important to them, and what motivates them. The team involved in building the site gets to know these so-called individuals like their best friends. Then, when a design decision needs to be made, the team can ask, “What would Julie do?” or “How would this affect Frank?”

  3. 99designs Champions Win Gold for Australia

    Two members from the 99designs team represented Australia in FullCodePress, the international website-in-a-day competition held this weekend in Wellington, New Zealand. The winners were announced this afternoon, and the result was … gold for Australia!

  4. FullCodePress: Team 99designs Do Australia Proud

    99designs employees Lachlan and James are digging deep for Australia in the final stages of the 2010 FullCodePress international website-in-a-day competition. Check out the sites and their take on how Team Australia is faring against the CodeBlacks and Team USA.

  5. FullCodePress 2010: Three Amazing Websites in 24 Hours

    The third ever FullCodePress international website-in-a-day event is underway in Wellington, New Zealand. SitePoint’s Matthew Magain is on site, reporting on the progress of Team Australia’s efforts to make up for previous losses to the CodeBlacks. But the presence of Team USA changes everything. Who will be victorious? Follow the websites live, as they’re being built, and decide for yourself.

  6. More Free Conference Tickets: Remix Australia, June 1-2

    Microsoft’s annual web conference, Remix Australia, is on again. SitePoint’s Matthew Magain is presenting this year, as well as a range of industry experts. Oh, and we’re offering SitePoint readers the opportunity to win one of five free tickets. Cool, huh?

  7. FullCodePress: Your Country Needs You!

    The FullCodePress team are at it again. This time, the 24 hour build-a-website-in-a-day geek Olympics is happening in Wellington, New Zealand. However, there’s a twist … Team USA are playing too. And they’re serious.

  8. SitePoint CEO Walks 100 kms For Charity

    Rather than coming to work today, Luke Cuthbertson, SitePoint’s CEO, is going walkabout. But this is not just any old walk — it’s a tough 100 km trek through the Australian bush, all in the name of charity. You can monitor his progress online, and even donate to support a good cause!

  9. The SitePoint Blog Redesign: A Process Revealed

    If you’re viewing this post in your web browser, you’ll have noticed that the SitePoint Blogs have received a much-needed overhaul. Matt talks about some of the features of the latest version of Adobe’s Creative Suite that he used in the design process, and describes how you could win a copy of Adobe CS5 Master Collection.

  10. 99designs Launches Ready-made Logo Store

    The latest offering from 99designs provides business owners with a new way of purchasing logos—by browsing a catalogue of ready-made designs, and customizing them at purchase time to include your business name. Check it out!

  11. SitePoint Podcast #45: The One Without Kevin

    One third of US internet users post their status updates to a social network, Google gets hacked by China, and the German government advises its citizens to ditch Internet Explorer as a result. All this and more in this week’s episode of the SitePoint Podcast!

  12. SitePoint Tribune Legend Steps Down

    Brendon Sinclair, long-time author of the Tribune, SitePoint’s popular email newsletter for freelancers and business owners, has stepped down from his post after five and a half years.