Hot off the back of their recent Webby award, two members of the team from 99designs were instrumental in winning gold for Australia, as the Codaroos took out this year’s annual FullCodePress international website-in-a-day competition.

In the Wellington Town Hall at 4pm this afternoon, the FullCodePress judging panel announced that the website the Codaroos had built for their client, Lions Hearing Dogs, had been unanimously voted to be the winner, beating out Team USA’s Timaru Mental Health Support Trust website and the Te Hua Rangatahi website built by New Zealand’s CodeBlacks. The announcement was published on the official FullCodePress site:

And like that, more than 24 hours of grueling magic comes to an end. The Codaroos from Australia, after a moment of confusion about what being in the yellow corner meant, were awarded the FullCodePress 2010 trophy from SitePoint’s Sarah Taylor, as the overall winner.

The team of six included user experience advocate James Mansfield and developer Lachlan Donald. Former 99designs employee Adam Schilling was also a key member of the team.

The Codaroos: FullCodePress champions for 2010

A huge congratulations to all of the teams who participated in this amazing event. While the Codaroos were today’s winners, the end result of this exercise is that three deserving non-profit organisations now each have an amazing website.

If you’re interested in reliving the magic, you can browse through images, video interviews, the twitter archive and screenshots showing the history of each site as it evolved.

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Matthew Magain is a UX designer with over 15 years of experience creating exceptional digital experiences for companies such as IBM, Australia Post, and He is the co-founder of UX Mastery, and recently co-authored Everyday UX, an inspiring collection of interviews with some of the best UX Designers in the world.

  • FormerGenius

    Congrats guys.

  • Matt Mickiewicz


    Great job, for a great cause.

  • brothercake

    Nice one guys.

  • keithics


  • Jason Aiken

    Nice work – Congratulations!


  • RaDoonZ

    Congrats on the win! Wish I was in New Zealand!

  • ananyaroy123

    Congrats! You guys deserved that!

  • 24788

    The 2nd and 3rd were decent, but that was done in a day which was amazing, but the first place winner def got it clear cut in my opinion. That’s a sick sight for only 1 day of work.

  • ChrisR

    Seriously? The best looking site was clearly Team USA’s Timaru Mental Health Support Trust site. Head and shoulders above the other two. Perhaps I don’t understand what the criteria were, but it could not have been esthetics, typography, or composition.

    • Matthew Magain

      Chris, this write-up by one of the FullCodePress judges might be an insight into the judging process that you would appreciate. For the record, no: design was not the only criteria. There were six judges, each looking at (I think) design, front-end code, back-end code, user experience, accessibility, and content.

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