Your New PHP Editor: Expression Web 3

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Expression Web 3Thought visual editors were a thing of the past? Well think again. The Expression Web 3 visual development environment is breaking the stereotype that it’s just a client-side or ASP.NET coding tool, and aiming to establish itself as a very good tool for writing PHP as well.

In our latest tutorial, Expression Web 3 – Your New PHP Tool Kit SitePoint Community Leader Raena Jackson-Armitage takes the latest version of Microsoft’s web development toolkit for a spin.

By creating a simple form, Raena will show you how Expression Web 3 is equipped to handle PHP. In the process, you’ll learn how to visually edit the pages, create clean markup with the code completion tools, and import graphics from Photoshop. By the end of the tutorial, Raena will have well and truly put Expression Web’s promise of an intuitive and helpful Web development experience to the test.

As well as checking out cool features like being able to compare your web page appearance in Internet Explorer 6 through 8, and Firefox, you’ll see how Expression Web 3 differs from FrontPage.

A big thank you to Microsoft for sponsoring our quiz. Why not give it a go and see if Expression Web 3 can make your life easier when it comes to PHP?

Article: Expression Web 3 – Your New PHP Tool Kit
Quiz: Expression Web 3 Quiz

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