By Craig Buckler

Windows 7 Sells 90 Million Copies

By Craig Buckler

Windows 7Microsoft have reported that sales of Windows 7 have reached 90 million copies just 6 months after the new OS was launched to the public on October 22 2009.

The sales figures are more than double those of Vista throughout a similar period. Perhaps that’s not surprising: Vista obtained a bad reputation from day one and never recovered. Windows 7 is not a huge technical leap beyond Vista and many have dubbed it little more than a service pack. However, the new OS received positive reviews from the start and people perceive that it’s a vast improvement. That’s marketing for you!

Microsoft admit that sales to business customers are less impressive. Many IT departments tread a more cautious upgrade path and Windows 7 is yet to prove itself in the business environment. Some companies will wait for the first service pack before they make the jump to Windows 7.


However, although sales are significantly higher, Windows 7 revenue has not grown by the same percentage. Microsoft launched the OS at a 50% discount and prices should have risen on January 1, 2010. That does not appear to have happened yet and bargains are still available…


UK pricing remains a little odd — why would anyone buy Windows 7 Professional when Ultimate is £1 cheaper?

Are you one of Microsoft’s 90 million Windows 7 customers? Has the OS made a difference to you? Is it enough of a success or is the system doomed?

  • I’m a Win7 user and really like it as an OS but unfortunately I’ve had a lot of problem with BSODs which I’m hoping are now solved having just upgraded all the drivers.

  • Winfow 7

    Really ! i thing window 7 pirate grater then 90 Million in india

  • Best OS to date.

  • w1nk5

    I use it and like it… we’ll see after acouple more months

  • Francis

    I got Windows 7 with a purchase of a new laptop, I must say, it is fun experience. I went from Win 95 to Win 7 and each time, with a new PC purchase. I must say, I have not regretted using any Microsoft OS (except perhaps Vista for it many quirks).

    I have only experienced one BSOD (see post here:, but it was more my fault than anything else.

    All in all, Windows 7 is a vast improvement in my opinion, and as softwares begin to take full advantage of its features (such as the Aero Peek), we should see a much more fun OS environment.

  • I wonder what the breakdown of those numbers are? Craig… Any idea of how many of those 90 million were bundled and how many were actual purchases?

    I’ve got a Vista machine that has enough patches that it doesn’t BSOD anymore. It’s been good for almost a year but if I have to use Windows for development, I use XP instead. Inevitably I’ll get the upgrade to 7 for it. I’ve heard from reliable sources that it’s much better than Vista and I’m sure it will be better than my trusty XP too.

  • @awasson
    Microsoft haven’t revealed a breakdown of the numbers, but the 90 million does include OEM editions bundled with new hardware.

    I’m still not convinced Windows 7 is much better than Vista. Vista improved significantly in the past year or two – assuming you had the hardware and drivers to run it. However, Windows 7 is less irritating and a clean install will give your PC a new lease of life.

  • markfiend

    If it includes bundled “sales” then I’ve got one to take off the total. I wiped the HD for a Linux install without ever even booting into Windows.

    Still waiting for my refund from MS. I won’t hold my breath.

  • @markfiend
    That is a good point. It is incredibly difficult to buy a PC without Windows. Even a netbook.

    However, I have heard of refund successes through large companies such as Dell and Amazon. You need to jump through a few administrative hoops and I suspect many people don’t bother.

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