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Windows 7 Sells 90 Million Copies

Craig Buckler

Windows 7Microsoft have reported that sales of Windows 7 have reached 90 million copies just 6 months after the new OS was launched to the public on October 22 2009.

The sales figures are more than double those of Vista throughout a similar period. Perhaps that’s not surprising: Vista obtained a bad reputation from day one and never recovered. Windows 7 is not a huge technical leap beyond Vista and many have dubbed it little more than a service pack. However, the new OS received positive reviews from the start and people perceive that it’s a vast improvement. That’s marketing for you!

Microsoft admit that sales to business customers are less impressive. Many IT departments tread a more cautious upgrade path and Windows 7 is yet to prove itself in the business environment. Some companies will wait for the first service pack before they make the jump to Windows 7.

However, although sales are significantly higher, Windows 7 revenue has not grown by the same percentage. Microsoft launched the OS at a 50% discount and prices should have risen on January 1, 2010. That does not appear to have happened yet and bargains are still available…

US Amazon.com:

UK Amazon.co.uk:
UK pricing remains a little odd — why would anyone buy Windows 7 Professional when Ultimate is £1 cheaper?

Are you one of Microsoft’s 90 million Windows 7 customers? Has the OS made a difference to you? Is it enough of a success or is the system doomed?