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Who Won the Adobe Flex Builder 3 Prizes?

    Rachael Wilson

    It’s that time again! A week ago we published Pimp Your PHP App with Flex!, with an option to enter the Adobe sponsored competition for those who wanted to win a copy of Adobe Flex Builder 3. You only had a 7 day window to enter, so well done to those who jumped in quick! And for those who missed it, keep an eye out in the blogs and forums for your next chance.

    We were very lucky this time — instead of having just one big cool prize to give away, we had three! Unfortunately, that’s still not enough for everyone to win as we had a large amount of entries, but it certainly did increase your chances.

    And the this lucky winners on this occasion are…

    Drum roll please…

    • Tajinder Singh – Punjab, India
    • Tiffany Finley – TX, USA
    • Adam Axelrod – MD, USA

    Congratulations to all 3 of you!

    Tiffany, who is a very excited 25-year-old business owner and work-at-home mum (WAHM), had this to say:

    AHHHH!!! I am sooo excited!!” “…This is I bet, is what winning the lottery feels like…lol!

    What I love most about SitePoint is the Marketplace. I like looking at what is available plus how it is presented, because I also want to add my own offers to the market place soon.

    We’ll be looking forward to seeing those!

    When asked what she is looking forward to doing with her new Adobe Flex Builder 3 software, she said:

    I would love to create a way to be more efficient with what I do, to market online everyday, and then sell it. However, anything that can be created using [the copy of Flex Builder she won] I am interested in creating. :)

    Congratulations Tajinder, Tiffany and Adam, and thank you to Adobe for donating the prizes for this quiz.

    Like I said, if you missed out, don’t worry… there will be future opportunities to win other great prizes so keep an eye out on this very blog for more details.

    Oh, and don’t forget — if you’re interested in furthering your Flex skills, you can still read the article and to see how you perform in the quiz.