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Get Your Website Up and Running

About this book

As you’ll see in the first chapter of this short book, every business could use a website. This book is not a guide to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (SitePoint has plenty of books covering those bases!), rather it runs through the basics of getting our own website up and running. We’ll discuss the basics of getting a domain namehosting, administering your site with cPanel, and even discuss the lagalities of copyrighting your site.

This short selection of tutorials, hand-picked from SitePoint’s SitePoint’s Web channel, will help you get your own site up on the Web in no time. It contains:

  1. Why Every Business Needs a Website by Jeff Smith
  2. How to Choose, Register and Make the Most of Your Domain Name by Adrian Try
  3. What Sort of Hosting Should I Choose for My Website? by Adrian Try
  4. The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Hosting Provider by Adrian Try
  5. Cloud Hosting: the Pros and Cons by Craig Buckler
  6. 6 Tips for Managing Your Site with cPanel by Jeff Smith
  7. What It Means to Copyright a Website by Alyssa Gregory
  8. How to Create a Portfolio Site That Will Get You Hired by Jacco Blankenspoor

This book is suitable for beginners.

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Get it as part of a monthly membership to SitePoint Premium – all our books and courses for only $9 a month!

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Simon was the GM and Head of Business at SitePoint, and a mentor at INCUBATE.

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