Web Typography Bar Raised As New Foundries Join Typekit

    Jennifer Farley
    Jennifer Farley

    BlackletterLots of good news from Typekit as this week they announced several new type foundries have signed up, allowing use of their fonts on the web. New typefaces have been added at every level of service.

    Suitcase Type Foundry is a Czech type foundry. Typekit subscribers can start using fonts like Purista, Kulturista, and RePublic.

    Purista Medium
    Kultrista Light Italic

    Republic Regular

    League of Movable Type is the first free and open-source type foundry. All the fonts from the League of Movable Type are available in the Trial library, so anyone can use them.

    League Gothic
    Blackout Midnight

    psType is an independent digital type lab based in California.  Their font Ratio is now included in the Typekit library.

    Ratio Heavy
    Rui Abreu is a Portuguese type and graphic designer. He is adding Gesta to the Typekit library.

    Gesta Light

    Last month FontFont also joined Typekit making over 20 new typefaces available. FontFont is a large type foundry with over 20 years in the business, so it’s great to see bigger companies like that getting involved.

    FF Market Web

    It’s great to see the variety of fonts that are now becoming available to use on websites. It will be interesting to see how web typography develops over the next few years and how we’ll look back at the time when you were restricted to designing websites using only a handful of typefaces.

    Typekit has a number of different prices plans:

    • Free (costing nada) and allowing 5GB of bandwidth per month and use of the trial library.
    • Personal $24.99 per year allowing use of the personal library
    • Portfolio $49.99 per year allowing use of the full library
    • Performance $249.99 per year allowing use of the full library.

    Find out more from Typekit.

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