Web Directions North Podcasts and Slides Online

    Matthew Magain

    Web Directions North logoThe Web Directions North crew write:

    We’ve been able to put together an excellent set of resources to refresh your memory of Web Directions North. All the slides and podcasts from just about all of the sessions are now available at our resources site. This is an outstanding collection of materials: we want as many people as possible to benefit from them.

    If you weren’t lucky enough to make it to the Vancouver conference in February, you can now experience the vibe of being there from your own home.

    Of course, reenacting the complete experience, including two days of snowboarding, might be a bit tough — but not impossible. I recommend falling awkwardly onto a hard surface a few times (landing on your bottom) then sitting down next to the refrigerator for a few hours with the door wide open. This last part is, of course, entirely up to you.

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