WaSP Street Team

    Matthew Magain

    SitePoint author and long time WaSP member Rachel Andrew writes:

    The WaSP Street Team launched today; we’re trying to get some interest up before launching our first task.

    I missed the announcement at the WaSP annual meeting here at SXSW, but here’s some more about this initiative from the signup page:

    The WaSP Street Team is about you. No, not all the other YOUs reading this but YOU you, in your actual skin. The idea is that together we create a number of tasks – challenges if you will – to help the promotion of web standards in your local community. Things that will help get the word out to the businesses, educational institutions, web shops and individuals who live and operate directly near you. As a central group it’s hard for us to reach those people, but as a distributed team, it’s easy.

    This sounds like something that would be well-supported by the existing activities of the Web Standards Group (everyone confuses the two organisations already, so why not join forces in fighting the good fight?). If you’d like to be involved, head on over to the signup page and you’ll be kept informed.