Very Cool Things for ColdFusion


…posted by davidjmedlock:

Okay, I wanted to post something about companies, organizations, and people doing cool things with ColdFusion. Here are just a few:
I’ve downloaded some of the free tags and apps that the guys at CFDev have created and plan on checking them out thoroughly. But, even the software that they have for sale is noteworthy. Think of the things you can do with it:

– EmailVerifier: Check an email address using syntax, DNS MX lookup, top level domain validation, and mail server validation. I’d like to see someone enter a fake address with that kind of validation…
– Translate: Uses babelfish translation engine to translate from one language into another.
– CFX_Soap: A SOAP client built in Java for ColdFusion.

There’s much more cool stuff on

Another one that is very cool is a project called FusionScript. The site used to be at, though it looks like its been snatched up by a domain squatter recently. There’s a SourceForge project here. FusionScript began development in 2001 or early 2002. I was actually working at DigiScript with Nate Nielsen, the developer for FusionScript. (I even started helping with converting a ColdFusion encryption algorithm to Java, but I don’t think I ever finished it and doubt it made it into the final release…)

FusionScript allows ColdFusion developers to utilize JavaScript and DHTML functionality without needing to know JavaScript or DHTML. It’s a simplified way of implementing complex functionality and UI elements without the complexity of learning to develop them yourself. You can use this set of custom tags to do everything in a syntax you’re used to. It also has/had an ActiveServer engine that allowed you to communicate with the server via a Java applet without having to refresh the page. That’s probably not needed at this point with the advent of Flash remoting, but at the time it was cool stuff.

Anyway, I definitely recommend checking these out as well as sharing the projects that you find interesting or that you feel really contribute to the ColdFusion community in some way.

*Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with anyone mentioned here other than the fact that I think they have some very cool projects available.*