Attention all PPC Marketers

Matt Mickiewicz

Business 2.0 Magazine has an in-depth article about the domainers – the people who hold thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands of them, and then resell their traffic to Google and Yahoo, and ultimately you – the PPC Advertiser.

Why is this important?

Simply put, of the hundreds of thousands of advertisers on Google and Yahoo, few have any clues that they are paying good money for traffic from massive domain name portfolios, held by individuals and corporations such as NameAdmin and Marchex, who are profitingly richly from their established niche:

Schwartz owns about 5,000 names, with less than a third falling into the “adult” category. He’s the industry’s biggest promoter, preaching the power of domains to anyone who will listen and bringing domainers together with moneymen and execs from the likes of Google (GOOG) and Yahoo (YHOO). He sports a $65,000 Rolex on his left wrist, a $32,000 diamond bracelet on his right, and is astounded that he — a community college dropout — is living like a king in a waterfront house in Boca Raton.

Read the full story here.

But hey, if you have a few spare domain names lying around, check out AdSense for Parked Domains. Maybe you too can get some fancy jewlery ;-)