The Web Is For Four-year-olds

    Toby Somerville
    Toby Somerville

    If you are reading this blog you are probably at least reasonably web savvy and use or know of services like Twitter and Flickr. You probably know what RSS is and how and why you might want to use it. Sometimes we forget that not everyone is as cool and knowledgeable as us. There are a large number of people who are completely at sea on the Internet and even think Google is the Internet. These are the sort of people who search for web addresses, (even their own site) via Google rather than typing them into the address bar.

    We do however share one thing in common — we all tend to surf the web like we are four years old.

    If it doesn’t load fast, instantly engage us and keep us engaged, then we get bored and move on — a trait that has been exacerbated by tabbed browsing.

    With the shear enormity of the web and all the cool, quirky and interesting things we could be finding, we don’t tend to spend the time finding out about what a web site can offer us. If it’s not slap-you-in-the-face obvious then, Next, off we go — unlikely ever to return. We just love new stuff. What’s the latest and greatest?

    Digg, the former king of all that is new and shiny on the Web is now apparently becoming old hat. It has been overtaken by the newer and shinier Yahoo! Buzz.

    But, What happens to Digg? and what happens to Yahoo! Buzz when the tarnish sets in there too? Honestly, do we care? We just want something new — chocolate cake and jelly; the Wiggles video; Can I shave the cat Mum? Oh, go on. Pleeeeeease.

    To survive on the Web, we need to think like four year olds too. What is consistently wanted and loved by your average four year old?

    That favorite cuddly toy — you know the one: one eyed, drooled over, thoroughly loved and must go absolutely everywhere with them. The best sites and applications must be like that cuddly toy — a dear friend, who understands us and who is there for us.

    But, maybe without the drool. TTFN.