By Matthew Magain

SitePoint Edge Of The Web Competition: And The Winner Is…

By Matthew Magain
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Last week we announced that we were holding a competition in conjunction with the Edge Of The Web conference, which is on next week in Perth. To enter, all you had to was follow us on Twitter (@sitepointdotcom) and tell us (via a public post to the Twittersphere) why you think you deserved to win the free ticket.

The results are in!

There were a stack of entries, ranging from the bleeding heart pleas to the more humorous to the extreme end of brown nosing, and we loved them all! Here are a few of our favourites, though:

velvetsarah: @sitepointdotcom I want to go to #EoTW to nourish my starving inner geek. Was hoping to get a dance with @sentience, maybe you can send him? [#]

ronc1974: @sitepointdotcom I want to attend Edge Of The Web because I left my job to be stay-at-home-dad 3 kids, forgot what adult interaction is like [#]

Margaretw: @sitepointdotcom I want to attend Edge Of The Web because my boss won’t pay & all my friends are going! Please Please :) Lame but true! [#]

mooloolabaweb: @sitepointdotcom I want to attend Edge Of The Web because I need to get out of the house. My skin’s so white I’ve been mistaken for Migaloo! [#]

rogue5602: @sitepointdotcom I want to attend Edge Of The Web because I’ve fallen down and I can’t get up otherwise. Don’t just leave me laying here! [#]

However, the entry that we decided was most deserving was the following, posted by Raelene Carr, from Edith Cowan University:

rcarr: @sitepointdotcom I want to attend Edge Of The Web because I currently teach IT at ECU and want to excite students with new web technologies [#]

We’re delighted to be sending you along to the conference, Raelene!

Note: Edith Cowan University is also a sponsor of the Edge Of The Web conference, although I didn’t know this at the time I selected the winning entry. Regardless, Raelene shouldn’t be disadvantaged by this fact. Congratulations, Raelene!

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