It's competition time! Post in June and win big!

OMG I love competitions! How can I enter?

It’s simple: post the most valuable new topic or response in the Month of June. Seriously. That easy.

What can I win?

The question is, what don’t you win?! Every week we are giving away two prizes, one for the best new topic and one for the best reply.

Prizes are:
1 printed book of your choice from the SitePoint store
1 powerbank
An assortment of SitePoint and Learnable stickers, pens, and other swag

Your choice of either one ebook download or 3 month membership to
An assortment of SitePoint Learnable stickers, pens and other swag

I can post anywhere?!

Every category is open with the exception of Jobs. Each week has a specific highlight of where we’ll be looking, but prizes can be given outside of these categories:

Week 1
HTML&CSS, JavaScript, WordPress/CMS

Week 2:
PHP, Ruby, Mobile and Databases

Week 3:
General Web Dev, Community, and Showcase

Week 4:
Business, Marketing, Social Media, Hosting, Domains

So what are you waiting for?! Get posting!


I’m waiting for June to start. :smiley:

How are winners decided?

A very top secret method in which anyone who violates the pact will be severely punished…


I feel very safe naw.

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I assume this will be Hunger Games-esk.

Losers will be killed.

May the odds be ever in your favor.


Super Secret Judgement by the Moderators.

In all seriousness, the moderators all pick their favourites and if there’s a standout, that’s the winner, if not, the admins decide :slight_smile:

Thanks, so I dare sleep now?

Dave didn’t really scare at all, honest… ZZz

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June will be here soon. Not soon enough. I am reading books daily on web design trying to keep up on all the newest new stuff. Whew. Tiring. I understand that the the judging is at the whim of the mods, etc. So what was your fave organic doughnuts again? Organic Coffee anyone?


Those long john cream filled ones are my absolutely favorites.

I’m also easily bought with Churros


Well, thank you very much… Now, I’m hungry …

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I’m also easily bought with Churros

Churros with chocolate, I can do that. – Is that a handcuff?

Uh… no, of course not! This isn’t a sting or anything, it is my very shiny watch. :smile: (Jarvis, you’re fired! picking such an image to represent me)

Don’t you dare to do anything against Jarvis… I named him after all! :smiley:

That explains the betrayal :smile: :wink:

You mean that explains his loyalty :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh Gawd
I just snorted coffee out of my nose… :dizzy_face:

plz don’t fire Jarvis… he has churros to buy for you… many, many churros…


Not long to go now! I’m excited to see what everyone comes up with :smiley:

I helped run a contest for a business once. When I gave the list of participants to the owner, he scanned the list for a while, found a name of someone he knew who was a good customer and said “they win”.

So much for randomness!


lol, that’d make for a “Biggest Fail” topic. Where everyone can tell an anecdote of a fail they witness, played a part of, or maybe even committed.

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