The winners ! - A Competition (the quick and fun kind with cool prizes)

First of all, thanks to all of you that participated. We hope you enjoyed it as much (or more) as we did.

Here are the winners of last weeks competition:

  • First place, the only one with a 100% score (19 points), and winner of a print SP book of choice: cjldragon
  • Shared second place with 18 points and both winners of a ePack SP book of choice: r937 and itmitică

Congratulations! You will be contacted soon (if you haven’t been already).
Thanks to SP for offering another ePack book, so no draw was needed to see who won the book and who won the coffee mug.

And here are the correct answers:

1 Everyone talks about it, but there is no concensus on what it really is. You could, for example, store your files in here (5 letters) CLOUD
2 Google can’t read it, Apple doesn’t like it (5 letters) FLASH
3 CSS is too much (4 letters) LESS
4 #sitepoint (7 letters) TWITTER
5 Used to enhance the user experience (10 letters) JAVASCRIPT
6 Before we used short URLs everyone wrote application (3 letters) APP
7 On the road (6 letters) MOBILE
8 This is all SEO people care about (9 letters) BACKLINKS
9 … media (6 letters) SOCIAL

The place that brings all these things together SITEPOINT

That’s all for now, folks. But stay tuned for our next competition :slight_smile:

Congratulations to the winners - well done :slight_smile:

(I guessed the word would be Sitepoint but only got about 3 of the answers right :))

Congratulations to all the winners (and thank you Sitepoint for hosting this competition :)).

Congratulations to the winners. :award:

And commiserations to the losers. Well done for taking part, and better luck next time. :slight_smile:

Beginner’s luck.

Actually, I must confess I feel a little stupid for putting down “specialist” for “javascript”. LOL

The best part is getting a book ! Already picked mine:

PHP Master: Write Cutting-Edge Code
Lorna Mitchell, Davey Shafik and Matthew Turland

Thanks you SitePoint and thank you guido and the rest for a good effort.

And, of course, good luck next time everyone. :slight_smile:

Thanks Sitepoint.

I have already chosen a Wordpress book.

My sticking point was 5 and 8 I originally had navigation and backlinks
This give me 2 n’s which didn’t fit with sitepoint. I wasted a lot of time because I thought backlinks was wrong. SEO people must think of something else!
When I looked back at UX I realised it must be javascript.

Meh. Same here. I guessed Sitepoint, but couldn’t get 3, 4, 6, or 8.

Anyone want to share what they thought?

  1. Code (Personally, I couldn’t find any ideas.
  2. Hashtag
  3. DOM
  4. TopResult

Meh. Grats to all the winners!


Congratulations to ALL who participated. The time spent applying your knowledge and brain power has paid you dividends (even if you did not win a book).
And HUGE thanks to the Sitepoint staff for creating this fun event.

dagnabbit, i had API instead of APP

but very happy to win an electronic version of a book

i just hope it’s a PDF, 'cause i can’t read kindle files or whatever formats those whizzbang devices are using…


I hear Simply SQL is a good one… :wink:

If I’m not mistaken, in the SP book shop it’s specified what electronic formats each book is available in.

I would imagine most are available as PDFs.


Got my ebook today! Thank you SitePoint, thank you very much! :slight_smile:

You earned it. Congratulations.

Don’t miss the [size=5]OTHER[/size] fun game @TehYoyo created for Saint Patrick’s Day!

I’m already… puzzled. LOL

@@Itmitica; Is this about the St. Patrick’s Day clue hunt? You can discuss in the thread if you want.


Heh heh, me too. Glad I wasn’t the only one. :slight_smile:

I got API as well. =p

I got all but 3 and 6. =p

Can anyone explain #s 3 and 6?



#6- I believe that APP is just the shortened version of APPlication.

Could be wrong about #6 though but thats what makes sense.


Correct. We first had “Before the Iphone…” but that was way too obvious. Therefore the more obscure hint. Almost half of the participants guessed it, so it wasn’t impossible.