Sep 18, 2006 News Wire

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  • Web accessibility experts calls for web developers to give up their dependance on Transitional DOCTYPEs. There really is no reason to still be using them.
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  • Sebastian Werner, developer of the qooxdoo JavaScript GUI framework, has noted a huge increase in JavaScript performance in IE7 compared to IE6. Microsoft has apparently fixed a performance issue that occurred with a large number of objects in scope.
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  • An AJAX component written in PHP for displaying database records (or other tabular data) in a paged, sortable, editable view. slGrid is open source under GPL and is also available under a commercial license.
  • This component is for use with Microsoft’s Atlas toolkit for AJAX, and enables the back/forward button to track AJAX application state, including (for example) partial page updates produced using the Atlas UpdatePanel component.
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  • This update to the popular version control system introduces new support for mirroring repositories, and a great many performance improvements and bug fixes.
  • Developer Dana Hanna is coding a new and useful (albeit small) application every evening for 30 days.
  • Hmm… it took me awhile to find an actual list of new features in Acrobat 8, and when I finally did it was pretty underwhelming. Certainly, there is nothing I can see that will affect web developers in this release.
  • This blogger at TechRepublic believes PHP will lose out to Java and .NET due to its lack of multithreading and its failure to beat back Ruby on Rails. I don’t think threading is the showstopper he makes it out to be, but some of his points have merit.
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